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Hot Nayanthara looking sexy at a public appearance.

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Neetu Chandra In Bikini

The hot and raunchy sex siren Neetu Chandra seems to have arrived in the south with one mission – to cause heavy thunderbolts in the trousers of men. Here she is, walking out of the water draped in a bra and bikini. With droplets of water kissing each and every inch of her smooth body and her luscious thighs just waiting to come out of the pool and create a tsunami of arousal, Neetu is no less than a erotic nymphet who is born to give sleepless nights to mankind.

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Amala on ramp show. Amala sexy in her 40's. Anyway Nag is lucky. amala showing her stiff boobs and under arms on RAMP.

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'Man-goes' Inside Her Jacket. Sherlyn Chopra has been the hottest sensation who is responsible for the drop in sales of Viagra pills, as many lecherous men say.

Don’t understand we are implying double meaning here. The look of any man goes inside her jacket. Is it not?! That’s what we wish to convey.

Sherlyn Chopra has been the hottest sensation who is responsible for the drop in sales of Viagra pills, as many lecherous men say. Her curves pump in blood in any impotent man and circulate it down the navel resulting in instant arousal. Putting a poster of Sherlyn in bed room itself is enough for unending sex rides with partner till the dawn, say those experienced it.

Well, give a trial, men…….it wouldn’t harm and no side effects can be recorded.

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Amala on ramp show. Amala sexy in her 40's. Anyway Nag is lucky. amala showing her stiff boobs and under arms on RAMP.

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Trisha Reveals About Intimacy With Hero

The petite beauty Trisha happens to be the leading lady for the Tamil version of ‘Ye Maya Chesave’ and recently, she was sharing her thoughts on the movie. Speaking about the kissing sequences, Trisha said that they were perfectly justified and given the intense romantic flavor, intimacy was required.
She also added that her faith is completely on god and she has no inkling towards godmen. Also, the role of being elder to the hero was a bit skeptical for her at the start but then, after some convincing from director Goutam Menon, she said that it was alright for her.
The happiest moment in the recent times was when Trisha posed for the photo shoot of the South Scope magazine. Though Trisha has never been seen in such up close and tight moments with a hero on the screen, she rates her Tamil movie to be one of the best in her career.

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Sex-Bomb Bhairavi Showing ‘B’

This is Bhairavi Goswami, the hot baby who is sizzling in recent times. With a lovelorn pose, she projected her sex appeal to camera this way. She brought ectopic palpitations to many hearts by showing her ‘hearty’ beauty. What else can be said than this to elucidate the magic of lusty muse.

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Hot Bomb 'Showing' Her Heart

She may not be a successful heroine but she is definitely a raunchy sex siren. She is Shamita Shetty, sister of the celebrity Shilpa Shetty.
Here she is, opening the laces of her see-through top. Already, the tempting navel with juicy curves is making the men thirsty and one can imagine the tsunami if Shamita opens her laces.
A deep valley of cleavage showing her jutting assets seems to convey only one message from the nymphet – “Let me open….and put you in the oven”.

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Actress Stands In Hot 'Topless'

She is Mona Chopra who has been discovering new ways of wooing the senses of men. She has been the Viagra of sorts for many and she is well known with her bikini poses. But freshly she posed this way in topless. She covered her blossoms with her silky hair and there is nothing else on her top. It’s artistically erotic pose indeed.

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Hot Aunty Shows Flower Panty

It is a common sight to see young girls and models to go in for a skin show but seeing aunties in a rather hot show gives a different kick. Right now, this lady who has passed her prime has been quite busy making men go crazy behind her.

She is none other than Kashmira Shah, the only woman in Bollywood who seems to have the right kind of oomph when she poses for a picture. Here she is, exposing her silky thighs and wearing nothing below except those fortunate flower panties that are hiding her womanhood.

Not much can be spoken about top as well as her juicy assets are jutting out waiting to be devoured with wild passion. Going further up, one can see the passion in Kashmira’s eyes and can’t help but feel that they are experiencing the summer heat in Kashmir.

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Tarun's SEX With Hot Heroine

This is the still from the film Chukkalanti Ammayi Chakkanaina Abbayi. This hot still is making round sin internet. Sources say that the steamy sequences were shot in the most erotic manner but the audiences may not have the privilege of watching everything that was shot due to censor issues. This is Tarun and Vimala Raman, acting as if enjoying hot love making on bed. Indeed, sex is the culmination point in love making.

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Sexiest Daughter Of Famous Father

Usually, celebrity kids tend to be quite watchful of their image when in the entertainment circuit but here is someone who knows how to define herself. She is none other than the hot and raunchy sex siren Nandana Sen and this picture is one good example of why we have given those titles.

With no holds barred, here is Nandana bending enough to show the deep valley of cleavage and along with that, there is an interesting artwork of Chinese tattoos which give that extra kick. The icing on the cake is the ravishingly red outfit which makes Nandana a rather delicious apple.

As it is, her semi nude pictures from the film ‘Rang Rasiya’ have been giving sleepless nights to men and this is no less than an additional dose of Viagra. Nandana is known for her volcanic sex appeal and with this juicy cleavage show of hers, she has reiterated that fact once again.

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Nude Heroine In Wet Pose

With legs covering her divine spot, this is the ravishing Bengali seductress Raima Sen and one need not look at her silky white body. One glance at her passion filled eyes show the amount of love and eroticism which can melt millions of men. With a sensuous backdrop of a lotus pond, Raima crosses her pose and hides her lotus from the prying eyes of many. And who can forget looking at that luscious cascade of hair falling over her deep valleys….Raima sure knows how to turn on the heat…

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It's Not NUDE Pic Of Meghna's Sister

A new buzz has been making rounds in the tinsel town and this was due to a rather bold picture of a very beautiful bombshell. Those who have seen her said that she happens to be the sister of the famous seductress Meghna Naidu. Well, here is the true story.

The girl in discussion happens to be Shashi Naidoo and reliable sources have confirmed that she has nothing to do with Meghna. The truth is Shashi happens to be some South African star and it is the surname aspect that got the gossip mills to cook up a story.

However, her picture has bowled the minds of many movie makers and now they are genuinely trying to contact her to see if she would be willing to act in any of the Telugu movies. If that happens, the Telugu film circuit will reach an entirely different league. What say Shashi Naidoo??

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My God! What’s She Showing?

The eyes of Telugu audiences have seen Shradhdha Arya and Shradhdha Das. Now another Shradhdha has come into the picture. She is Shradhdha Sharma. Well, what is that she is lifting to show? That’s a different case. She appeared this way in the hottest way possible to her for a still camera recently wearing a three piece. What else can be said that this? Pictures speak louder than words…enjoy the loudness!

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Actress Nude With Single Button

It’s like just one step ahead for reaching heaven. Here it is just one button left to watch the heavenly beauty of this sexy dame who has been rolling the world on her curves. This is her latest pose for still camera. She also has star studded navel that makes her equator glow. The mole on her chin and the hole on her trouser speak more about her lecherous appeal.

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Ex-Heroine's Daughter Enjoying WINE

The wine culture seems to have picked up quite strongly among the ladies of today and it has become more a custom that most of these originate from the film industry. Things get interesting when the actresses happen to hail from a noted background.
So here is Sheena who is better known as the daughter of the yesteryears Bollywood diva Sadhana. The bright eyed beauty has no qualms in flashing her glass of sparkling wine and more than that, it is intoxicating to see Sheena’s deep navel with cute curves on her hips. 
Sheena is making her debut in Telugu soon but she has created enough waves of interest with her innocent sex appeal. Armed with a killing smile and a tempting navel show, she sure looks to be sweeter than wine and as ripe as a red apple.

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Shocking Bikini Of Sexy Aunty

This is more dangerous than RDX. Yes, it’s ‘Reveling and Damaging Xposing’. Kasmira Shah is the sex bomb who is ruling the zone below the navel of every men with her mere pose in bikini. She has been serving as moving Viagra for many men those are suffering from erectile dysfunction. She has been the best medicine to be prescribed by sexologists around the nation. This new bikini design on her body has signed an erotic autograph on the senses of every man for sure.

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Sexy Wet Lady's Tollywood Desire

She is Hari Priya, well known among Kannada film folks. She has set her eyes on Tollywood and trying to find a god father here. She is luscious and lecherous which is evident through her ‘features’. She has readiness to shed clothes and expose her glowing skin and lovely curves if opportunity if given. Let us see who gives her the break.

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Samantha In Nagarjuna’s Fort

A new girl has hit the Tollywood circuit by a storm and she has struck a thunderbolt in the hearts of many men. She is none other than Samantha fondly being known as ‘Kundanapu Bomma’. Yes, this pretty girl made her debut with Naga Chaitanya and she seems to have impressed the Akkineni clan as well.

It is now heard that Samantha has become part of the Nagarjuna fort just like Anushka. All have seen how Anushka grew to great heights under the patronage of Nag and it is heard that if the Akkineni family likes someone they give a lot of ‘push’ in the industry.

So right now, it seems to be the turn of Samantha and if she manages to prove her mettle in ‘Brindavanam’ as well then it won’t be long before Samantha would hit the top league and who knows, might get a chance to pair with none other than Nag himself.

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Sexiest Bomb In Black

This is Mona Chopra and it is well known that bikini is her uniform. She never poses for a camera without a bikini on her body. She hardly wears other costumes. She stands to be the standard brand ambassador for bikini. She might have covered her vital parts with many number of bikini designs so far. This is her latest pose in black two piece bikini. The creativity of photographer is seen in this projecting her beauty from cleavage point of view.

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Fit And Hot Body Show By Bipasha!!!

Well, it is not a film sequence or a special item song from the dusky Bengali beauty Bipasha Basu. We are talking about her new fitness video that is gearing up to hit the stores. This has been titled ‘The Fit And the Fabulous’ released on February 4th.
Apparently, the dusky bombshell was said to be working on this video from the past few months on a secretive manner. This has been endorsed by some of the noted hunks in Bollywood and also many sportspersons. 
While the fitness freaks are waiting eagerly for the video to arrive, there are those admirers of Bipasha who want to catch each and every curve of Bipasha while she works out. So if you work with Bipasha, you might burn some flab and get into shape, what say folks??

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'Striking' Pose Hot Hot padmapriya.

This is the hottest lady Padmapriya who is emerging from south. She is appearing in Striker with Siddarth. She is also planning to shift to Mumbai Bandra, for making her career in Bollywood strong. Padmapriya is already the darling of many hearts and some are saying that she is going to be another Vidya Balan from south.

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Married Heroine Smoking

Smoking and women are considered two entirely opposite things in our Indian society but then, thanks to feminism and equality mania, women are now competing with men in every aspect, that includes the field of smoking as well. Here is one beauty who seems to have taken an extra step on that.
She is none other than Amrita Arora, the Bollywood bombshell whose recent bikini show resolved the erection problems of many men. Here she is making another bold move and is puffing away to glory. Truth is, Amrita is now married and sporting a rather ravishing outfit along with a cigarette sounds quite rebellious.
Though Amrita’s photos are quite few in number, she ensures that she makes up for the quantity through good quality. Crossing her legs and showing her slit, Amrita is surely pouring ‘Amritham’ over the heads of men who would love to have a lady like this for company. 

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Viagra In Sexy Lady Shape

The power of Viagra is known to all men (and of course the women too) but here is one bomb who has the power to raise the libido of any man. With her around, there is no need to buy any Viagra since the sex appeal she has and the oomph she gives is good enough for arousal. 
She is none other than Arthi Chabria and here she is posing like a seductive temptress and simply sending an invite that she is just waiting to be taken. With a black outfit on her milk white skin and a deep cleavage that will take anyone to the mountains of ecstasy, Arthi is awesome.
The figure hugging dress is unable to hide the luscious thighs and her curves and many say that they just want to be that necklace which is on her neck. With temperatures running high due to Arthi, even the flood situation will recede due to the heat she is generating.

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Sexy Starlet's Sprouting Cleavage

She has been known as one of the hottest screen scorchers in Bollywood and her mere presence on the screen has let off steam from the trousers of many men. She is none other than Neha Dhupia and here she is once again showing why she is the perfect definition of a sex bomb. Despite clothed to the brim, all Neha had to do was bend a little and her assets are jutting out waiting to be devoured. On the other hand, her hips cant wait to come out of her pants and with one hand over her luscious thighs, there is no escape for a saint as well.

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'Fashion' Heroine Goes Nude!!!

Though she hails from the modeling circuit, she has made her mark in the movie circuit with her confident and glamorous performance in the super hit Bollywood movie ‘Fashion’. She is none other than Mugdha Godse and here she is with a bold act.
Holding nothing but a queen of hearts card, Mugdha has gone completely nude and posed for a photo session in a brave manner. Armed with luscious legs and a height that can put many men to shame, Mugdha looks simply mesmerizing and magical. 
Covering her juicy assets with her slender thighs, Mugdha has surely set the meters running out of water with her hot body. It is no wonder why many in Mumbai complain of so much sweat and steamy temperatures, thanks to bombshells like Mugdha. 

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