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Shocking Nude Still Without Bikini

She is the other name for bikini goddess and her usual dress is nothing but bra and bikini. But now, she seems to have gone tired of the bikini as well and has not been wearing it. She is none other than Sherlyn Chopra and here she is, sporting a rather ragged piece of cloth to cover her assets for formality. What catches the attention is her tiny piece of cloth that is covering her holy spot and she has lust filled in her eyes while she spreads her silky thighs and slides on the beach. No one can beat the sharing qualities of Sherlyn and many are calling her the nude goddess now.

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Sherlyn Chopra goes nude

Wearing a two piece bikini and smooching co-stars onscreen can take a back seat for posing nude is going to be the next bold thing to do in B town!
It may not be the ‘IT’ thing to do in Hollywood for even their A grade stars don’t mind doing the strip tease for magazine covers or films. However, setting the trend in India is none other than Sherlyn Chopra who was last seen in Yash Raj’s film ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’.
Sherlyn is extremely popular on the web and has been voted as the ‘most downloaded’ celeb a couple of times owing to her sexy body and oomph. The actress now seems to retain her numero uno position on the web too and thus has posted the new bold pic.
Guess Hugh Hefner has already taken notice and has thus made an offer to Sherlyn to pose for his famous ‘Playboy’ cover. Surprisingly we couldn’t believe it when we saw a younger Sherlyn...that is Sherlyn before she became the bold babe of Bollywood. (Watch the above inset pic to believe us!)
We wonder who’s going to follow suit!
Courtesy: IndiaTimes

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Sexy Bikini Bomb Gets Naked

Finally, she seems to have done it. Yes, the babe who is said to have been born before bikini was in the news recently for her Playboy stint. We are talking about Sherlyn Chopra and whether the Playboy assignment is happening or not, here she is showing her assets without a hitch. Sherlyn is in her birthday suit and those who have seen it feel like they have now reached the doorstep of heaven. With absolutely nothing on her, Sherlyn has given a glimpse of her silky smooth body with the curves at the right place. Perhaps she might have set a new record and created a new chapter in the nudity of actresses.

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'Man-goes' Inside Her Jacket. Sherlyn Chopra has been the hottest sensation who is responsible for the drop in sales of Viagra pills, as many lecherous men say.

Don’t understand we are implying double meaning here. The look of any man goes inside her jacket. Is it not?! That’s what we wish to convey.

Sherlyn Chopra has been the hottest sensation who is responsible for the drop in sales of Viagra pills, as many lecherous men say. Her curves pump in blood in any impotent man and circulate it down the navel resulting in instant arousal. Putting a poster of Sherlyn in bed room itself is enough for unending sex rides with partner till the dawn, say those experienced it.

Well, give a trial, men…….it wouldn’t harm and no side effects can be recorded.

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Actress Stands In Hot 'Topless'

She is Mona Chopra who has been discovering new ways of wooing the senses of men. She has been the Viagra of sorts for many and she is well known with her bikini poses. But freshly she posed this way in topless. She covered her blossoms with her silky hair and there is nothing else on her top. It’s artistically erotic pose indeed.

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Sexiest Bomb In Black

This is Mona Chopra and it is well known that bikini is her uniform. She never poses for a camera without a bikini on her body. She hardly wears other costumes. She stands to be the standard brand ambassador for bikini. She might have covered her vital parts with many number of bikini designs so far. This is her latest pose in black two piece bikini. The creativity of photographer is seen in this projecting her beauty from cleavage point of view.

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Men Peeping Through Sex Bomb's Underwear

There is only one language she knows and that is the language of ‘Sex’. True to her style and image, this hot girl has been speaking only through her ‘body’ language and it is her ‘assets’ that get all the attention. She is none other than Sherlyn Chopra better known as Mona Chopra for the Telugus. 
Here she is, once again showing what ‘material’ she is made of and how naughty she can get when it comes to boys. With a diamond studded bra and a golden shorts, the still looks like the lucky men next to her are trying to peep into her special place. 
With an expression filled of lust and an invitation for all men, Mona has got it all in her to make a mess of the man’s brain and loins. Right now, her merchandise has been up for online sale and right now, all men are jealous of these two guys who have entwined her with their bodies.

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Unbelievable Sexy Bikini

She is the hottest seductress in India that has been tempting millions of men with here mere still photographs. She stands to be the ambassador for voluptuous female body and acts like a Viagra for many. She seldom appears on big screen but she is the hot favorite for all photographers, portals and movie lovers those wish to relish glamour. In fact for men she gives the kick of two large pegs and make them discover anaconda between their legs!!

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Sherlyn Chopra In Sexiest Bikini

This is Sherlyn Chopra aka Mona Chopra, the seductress that hails from Hyderabad. She is known only for her bikini act and nothing more. So far she has sent erotic currents all across India and she has become the wonderful brand ambassador for bikini. It is true that any new design of bikini would hug the private parts of this sexy damsel!! This is one among such innovative bikinis.

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Wah! Artistic 'SEX'posing!!

One look at her would convince anyone that she came first in the world and then came sex. Well, for someone who loves to go naked at the drop of a hat or expose her sculpted figure in bikini more than half the time, what more can one say.
Yes, we are talking about the one and only Sherlyn Chopra who is better known as Mona Chopra in the south. With a silky soft skin that will slip a drop of milk, here is Sherlyn posing again in a rather artistic manner but not before oozing out all that oomph and sex appeal.
There is just a piece of cloth covering her jutting assets and it must be said that she has given a new definition to woman sexuality. With her bold attitude in front of the camera, Sherlyn makes sure that all men are bowled with her hot body and lust filled looks.

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Photo Feature: Jeans N Bra Beauty Takes You To Cloud-9

Many utter the word ‘Cloud9’ as synonym to happiness that’s touching sky. And here we certainly reach that Cloud9 watching this curvy spark. Her eyes say she is longing for an embrace. Her lips say she is awaiting the taste of erotic elixir. Her bosom speaks volumes about her ‘heartful’ yearning for a tight hug. Her tummy’s breathing heavily for friction. And there is something beyond when gone beneath…! 

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Photo Feature: Boiling Water With 'Breast'!

This is something unique that is known only for the hot babes like Mona Chopra. She posed this way wearing a top less attire and bending in the sea water. The photographers must be scorching looking at her fire filled looks and the water that’s listening to her heart beat must certainly get boiled for a while. Sexy dames have many ways to use their ‘energies’.

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Photo Feature: 'Shall I Show You Inside My Zip'?

She is one girl who seems to have been in bikini or naked ever since she crossed 20. Though she started off as a glam doll, in no time, she has made a mark for herself as one of the hottest and sexiest face in the entertainment industry.
She is none other than Mona Chopra better known as the Sherlyn Chopra and here she is, showing one of her many tempting poses. With a tight sports bra and low waist jean that is revealing her shapely navel, Mona thinks that is not enough to satisfy the lust of her viewers.
Here, she is all set to unzip her jeans and show what she has got inside. If that happens then there is no doubt that Tsunami will happen from top to toe in any man. As it is, her slender curves and sexy looks are already creating shivers and melting all the winter away.

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Sherlin Chopra panty ... she is showing her panty wantedly...

Sherlin chopra alias mona chopra hot panty show. watch and enjoy.. click on the image for bigger size..

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Hot SHERLIN chopra with no panty and no bra.. must see