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Hot-Hot Proposals For 'Hottest Beauty'

There was a time when she was being seen as the successor to the soft porn queen Shakila but then this bombshell had a touch of finesse and elegance to her sex appeal. True to that, she has made waves in the southern circuit and now she has made a comeback and that too with a bang.
Her name is Mumtaj and with her new sizzling looks, she has wowed one and all. Many proposals are said to be coming to Mumtaj who is looking like a newly wed beauty. With eyes that overflow with passion and lips that can speak nothing but lust and nectar juices, Mumtaj is priceless.
Though she was more like a sex goddess sometime back, now she has changed her stand and is being labeled as a sensuous beauty with tempting sex appeal. Well, for now, she is stuck in Kollywood but Tollywood has pulled up its pants and will soon be riveting her in the Telugu screens, as per sources. Sources say that a few Telugu producers are approaching her to pull on to screen in hot glamorous or seducing roles.