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Yoga Madam In Sexy Designer Bra

The svelte beauty Shilpa Shetty might be married but then she was and still is, the heartthrob of many. Here she is, sporting a designer bra and giving a visual feast of her juicy cleavage and jutting assets. A little below is her magical navel with flat abs and not one dot of blemish is seen. Shilpa is flashing her doe shaped eyes and her multi-colored bra is catching the attention with her popping melons. Shilpa’s curves are like the curves of Ellora Shilpas and whether it is her yoga or her loving hubby, she sure is giving some sleepless nights to millions around the world.

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'Sexy-Assets' Of Lady Drenched In Rain

Though she has not been able to make much mark as a heroine, she has worked with the likes of Kamal Haasan and other big names in the industry. She is none other than the voluptuous and sexy Kiran Rathod and this time she seems determined to make her presence felt.
Here she is, wearing a transparent pink sari and exposing her dark color bra. Drenched in rain, Kiran looks absolutely gorgeous just resembling a ripe apple fresh with dew. All this is for her new movie which is said to be an adaptation of the Italian hit and hot movie ‘Malena’.
Those who have seen the stills of Kiran are bowled by her assets and say that they could never imagine she had such juicy shapes. Well, let us wait for the real film to come to the screens and the heat of Kiran and her oomph will be ‘seen’ much clearly.

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Photo Feature: Jeans N Bra Beauty Takes You To Cloud-9

Many utter the word ‘Cloud9’ as synonym to happiness that’s touching sky. And here we certainly reach that Cloud9 watching this curvy spark. Her eyes say she is longing for an embrace. Her lips say she is awaiting the taste of erotic elixir. Her bosom speaks volumes about her ‘heartful’ yearning for a tight hug. Her tummy’s breathing heavily for friction. And there is something beyond when gone beneath…! 

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Shilpa shetty love story. shilpa shetty very low hip. shilpa shetty panty. shilpa shetty bra and boobs. shilpa shetty navel show.

The svelte beauty of the Bollywood circuit, Shilpa Shetty has been enthralling the audience with her oomph and smiles. Eventually, she took a bigger step and became an entrepreneur after she took over the Rajasthan Royals cricket team along with her boy friend Raj Kundra.

The recent IPL tournament is said to have drained Shilpa completely and sources say that she has decided to take a silent low key break. This would be happening for about a week and that too in London. Incidentally, the coming Monday happens to be the birthday of Shilpa so she wants to celebrate it.

However, sources close to Shilpa reveal that the best thing she wants on her special day is to just stay away from the media glare and the lens of the camera. It is said that Shilpa wants to have a secret one week break without any public attention so let us hope she gets those deserving quiet moments.

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Photo Feature: 'Shall I Show You Inside My Zip'?

She is one girl who seems to have been in bikini or naked ever since she crossed 20. Though she started off as a glam doll, in no time, she has made a mark for herself as one of the hottest and sexiest face in the entertainment industry.
She is none other than Mona Chopra better known as the Sherlyn Chopra and here she is, showing one of her many tempting poses. With a tight sports bra and low waist jean that is revealing her shapely navel, Mona thinks that is not enough to satisfy the lust of her viewers.
Here, she is all set to unzip her jeans and show what she has got inside. If that happens then there is no doubt that Tsunami will happen from top to toe in any man. As it is, her slender curves and sexy looks are already creating shivers and melting all the winter away.

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Heroine With 'Transparent Bikini'.. neetu chandra hot poses.. neetu chandra cleavage curve.. neetu chandra almost nude..

With the bikini craze picking up with each passing day and more beautiful heroines getting into the bold act, those hot bombshells who are known for their sex appeal are now taking another step to prove their unique presence. One among them seems to be the hot and bold beauty Neetu Chandra.

There is news that Neetu Chandra will soon be seen wearing a transparent bikini and this will be happening for a new movie. This has the muscular stud Vishal as the hero and it is slated to be a bilingual which has got three heroines and Neetu is said to be the one with the steamiest role.

Recently, Neetu hit the headlines for her extremely seductive poses in a bra and bikini, that too with another hot model on the beaches of Mumbai. This raised few eyebrows and went upto the extent of labeling her as a lesbian. So let’s see what heat she brings up with her transparent bikini now.

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Hot kamna jetmalani in bikini.. kamna jetmalani bra and panty show.. kamna jetmalani hot picture unseen.. sexy gal kamna jetmalani enjoying at beach..

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Hot and sexy lara dutta cleavage curve.. lara dutta navel show.. hot bollywood actress lara dutta underarmpits show..lara dutta red panty visible..

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Bipasa basu and john abraham hot photo.. bipasa and john abraham fucking still.. bipasa and john abraham in a compromising position.. john abraham hand in bipasa basu's pussey.. hot and sexy bipasa basu romancing with john abraham.. bipasa basu bra and panty..

John Abraham has bought a new home, and no it does not mean that the Dhoom star is getting ready to tie the knot with Bipasha Basu though he says they would love to get married - their respective careers willing.

Talking about his new home in Mumbai's Bandra Bandstand, John says: "It's right in the middle of Shah Rukh and Salman Khan's homes. Nice to have an Abraham between two King Khans, don't you think?"

"I'm getting a terrace constructed into it, so I can have story sessions at home," he confesses shyly.

So is this part of the preparation to finally marry Bipasha?

John laughs, "I wish it was. Though we both firmly believe in the institution of marriage and would love to get married, our respective careers have taken off in a big way. I see Bipasha being extremely busy for the next couple of years. She has now begun to sign big banners and top-line projects including Dhoom 2.
"In any case everyone knows we're a couple. We've never pretended to be 'just good friends'. So marriage would just be an inevitable conclusion to a relationship that's common knowledge. More than love, I respect Bipasha. It would be my greatest joy to marry the woman I love and respect."

John takes great pride in his woman's sudden and startling weight loss. "Bipasha works even harder than me at the gym. Her energy and drive just zap me. She's completely made over. Bipasha has just begun her second innings, and so have I."

Understandably John is said to be very upset about not being part of the Dhoom sequel. "I can't pretend I didn't want to be part of Dhoom 2 . Abhishek and Uday are such lovely boys. Working with them felt like one big family. I felt the same again while working with Ajay and Vivek in Kaal ...I'm too happy to see Bipasha working with Abhishek and Uday, and of course with Hrithik Roshan who's such a great guy himself."

John is very excited about the rewards of Dhoom . "It has undoubtedly been a turning point for me. I got my first Indian popular award for the performance. I think doing a villain's role is so tough.
"But even tougher is comedy which I'm now doing in Priyadarshan's Garam Masala with Akshay Kumar who has repeatedly proved how good he is at comedy. If I can swing this, I know I've arrived. Because to me comedy is the toughest aspect of acting."

Right now, John is looking forward to Deepa Mehta's Water , which releases in November. "I learnt to play the flute, and wear a dhoti for the film. But the best part of working in 'Water' was that I got to interact with the amazing Waheeda Rehman who is arguably the most beautiful actress of our cinema. She's so full of experience, and life. Her zest for living is exemplary.

"Such experiences are helping me to wade in different waters. In Ravi Chopra's Babul I get to do full-on masala film for the first time. It's a great role... And I don't care who all were approached to play Rani Mukherjee's second husband. I grabbed it the minute I heard it. I'm also looking forward to Milan Luthria's song-less thriller which Ramesh Sippy is producing. It was earlier called 'Ittefaq'. In terms of screenplay it's as innovative as Mani Ratnam's Yuva . It's got me and Nana Patekar in two parallel stories running in real time. I am choosing my projects very carefully. No false moves, I hope. And no mo'bikes. I've got to zoom on."
The fan following grows. "I've this terrible habit of jumping into the middle of fans. I get too excited. I've to curb that tendency. I know it's too dangerous. But I feel the fans will feel cheated if I distance myself."

About the tepid response to his last release John explains, " Karam wasn't half as bad as some of the other new films. It was slow, yes. But it had layers of meaning which came out as you watched the plot unfold. Both Bipasha and I are comfortable doing unconventional films. But we've to move on. I'd love to do a Karan Johar or a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film."

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Slumdog millionare Freida Pinto Sexy pictures.. pinto boobs.. pinto bra and panty show.. Hot and sexy freida pinto in bra and panty.. hot galleries of freida pinto..

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Hot and semi nude kareena kapoor gallery.. kareena kapoor thighs show.. kareena with her sister karishma kapoor.. kareena kapoor looking too hot and glamourous in her black tight outfit.. kareena kapoor panty show.. kareena kapoor boobs show.. kareena kapoor zero sized naval show..kareena kapoor bra visible..


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Hot Kareena kapoor sexiest gallery.. what a nice cleavage...nipple is visible in the second photo, she is fantastic..

The world knows that Saif Ali Khan is madly in love and very serious about his current girlfriend of a year, Kareena Kapoor.
He’s reportedly said, “Yes, Kareena has been invited to Pataudi. It’d have been earlier, but it was too hot. Winter is when our family reunions happen every year and Kareena is now part of the family. My parents are extremely fond of Kareena.”

He adds, “This relationship is ‘IT’ for me. Today I feel very settled and very happy, though a bit lonely. And when I’ve bad days, I feel I’m being ungrateful. I’m now looking forward to settling down with Kareena. Our marriage will happen very shortly as soon as we both have a little less work on hand and we can give the marriage quality time. Also, her family has to be ready for our marriage.”
“We’re very close. She has been really gracious in inviting me into her family. She’s made sure I’m part of her family. I’ve also met Daboo uncle (Randhir) a few times, shared friendly drinks with him. As for Karisma, I think she’s the sweetest girl ever in the world. I’m deeply fond of both Karisma and her husband Sanjay (Kapoor). They’re truly wonderful people. Kareena’s family has taken to me as warmly as my family has taken to her.”
He thinks that his lifestyle has changed completely after his heart attack. He adds that if it wasn’t for that life-changing experience, I wouldn’t be in a relationship with Kareena right now. He now hardly drinks or smokes or parties.
But the buzz is that the love of his life is not keeping too well and her hectic schedule has taken a toll on her health. She has fever and has a throat infection too.
Confirms a source,”All this started after Kareena attended an event at Parel on Sunday evening. Her condition is so bad that she collapsed after coming home. She was in such terrible shape that her mom had to call in the doctor. He’s giving her injections so that she can at least stand on her feet.”

Kareena thinks that her collapse has been caused by overwork and exhaustion as she has been working non-stop for the last 6 months round the clock.

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Hot Vidya Balan fucking video screenshots with saif ali khan and sanjay dutt from the movie parineetha.. see how she is licking them..

Vidya Balan rampwalks for a noble cause:

Vidya Balan who is very well known throughout the Bollywood for her outrageous sense of dressing and now she is all set to put some wagging tongues to stop by walking the ramp by donning beautiful dresses.
Vidya Balan will be taking to the ramp for a fashion show at NY to raise money for Nargis Dutt Cancer Foundation. Apparently Vidya is not very comfortable on the ramp but is doing so for the cause of patients suffering from cancer.
The actress will be seen wearing ensembles designed by Chintan and Priya.

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Madhu Shalini looking gorgeous in her red tight swimsuit.. watch her bra curves and her tightened boobs..


The annual Telugu Star Nite in Dubai, to be held on November 7th, is being organized by 'Telugu Sravanthi', a socio-cultural organisation that caters to the needs and interests of the Telugu community in the UAE. Telugu Sravanthi’s Dwarakanath announced this at a media conference which was attended by A.V.S., Naresh, Madhu Shalini and Geetha Singh.
Noted comedian A.V.S. is the key figure behind this event. Naresh, Madhu Shalini, Geetha Singh, Gundu Hanumantha Rao, Jayalatiha, mimicry artist Harikishna and others will take part in the Star Nite.
Madhu Shalini recently danced for an item song in the Nagarjuna starrer King which is expected to release during the New Year.
The event will be held at the Arikepudi Kaualya Devi auditorium in Dubai.