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Heroine's Daughter Widens Legs

If her mom is a dream girl, she seems to be a cream girl. She is Eesha Deol and here she is, trying to bring out the cream from the men’s trousers exposing her creamy thighs. Not stopping at that, Eesha is giving a ‘nisha’ by spreading her legs wide and hiding her divine parts in a teasing manner with a coy expression on her face. With a heavenly body to her credit, Eesha sure is showing the path to heaven in her own way and what if she is not the dream girl of the silver screen, she sure is becoming the dream for many men in the nights.

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Yesteryear actress Radha's daugther, Karthika, is debuting with Josh opposite Nagarjuna's elder son Naga Chaitanya. The film is all set for release and we caught up with Karthika at her Mumbai residence for a brief chit-chat. Here are the excerpts from an exclusive interview
Are you excited about your debut film?
Not really excited... but the feeling is something like the anxiety one has while waiting for results after writing one's exams.
Do you know that how big a glamour queen your mother was? There used to be a huge poster for the film Kaamyaab (1984) near V.T. Station (in Bombay) that said Radha was coming?
I did not know that. Actually, for quite some time, I was not even aware that she was an actress! It's only when I went to Chennai or Kerala that I got to know that she was an actress. When I came to Hyderabad later, I came to know how successful she was at that time!
How good is your Telugu
arthamavutundi.. kaanee maaTlaaDaTam pooritgaa raadu... (laughs)! During the first schedule of shoot, director Vasu Varma sir used to explain to me in English or Hindi. My mother used to explain how the feel of it was in Telugu. But, from second schedule onwards, he used to explain to me in Telugu. I can understand well now.
How was it working with Naga Chaitanya?
There's not much time to interact with each other, as we both were busy with our respective scenes. During the shot breaks, he used to be busy with the director and I was busy with my scenes. He's really good and has no hang-ups, though.
You're debuting through a prestigious production house...
It's such a good feeling that I cannot explain! The set up is really great. Dil Raju was always on the sets and used to look after everything. And he's really helpful in every way!
Is it true that you danced along with your mother in the Nataraja temple at Chidambaram. Any plans of performing on the stage?
I have not yet given my arangetram, but I did it there as it was in a temple. I'd need a lot of practice to do stage performances! I do not have the time to spend for practice right now, as I am still going to college and have also been doing the movie. I might do it in the future...
How did your being a trained dancer help you in the movie shoot?
(Laughs) I don't have any fast numbers or dances in the movie, actually! Most songs are montages with soft steps. Thus, there was no need to work hard for dances in this movie.
What are the things you look for before signing a film?
Definitely, the banner, and then the set up of the film. I will take my mother's help in decision-making, as I'm too young to take an individual decision.