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Neetu chandra, tanushree dutta spotted with hot lickable thighs at a public event.

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Neetu Chandra In Bikini

The hot and raunchy sex siren Neetu Chandra seems to have arrived in the south with one mission – to cause heavy thunderbolts in the trousers of men. Here she is, walking out of the water draped in a bra and bikini. With droplets of water kissing each and every inch of her smooth body and her luscious thighs just waiting to come out of the pool and create a tsunami of arousal, Neetu is no less than a erotic nymphet who is born to give sleepless nights to mankind.

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Actress Nude With Single Button

It’s like just one step ahead for reaching heaven. Here it is just one button left to watch the heavenly beauty of this sexy dame who has been rolling the world on her curves. This is her latest pose for still camera. She also has star studded navel that makes her equator glow. The mole on her chin and the hole on her trouser speak more about her lecherous appeal.

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Heroine's Erotic Legs After Oil Massage?

She has been known as one of the hottest bombs in the bollywood sector but then it was controversy that made her famous in Tollywood. She is none other than Neetu Chandra and after the super success of her horror treat ‘13B’, she has shown what oomph she is made of.
Here she is once again sporting a white outfit and a pair of legs that are shining like the surface of a marble. Those who have seen it say that Neetu seems to have gone in for an oil massage and has come out with those luscious pair of legs that are going miles and miles.
With a semi transparent white color that is partly concealing her twisted navel, Neetu has built enough sex appeal and here she is just clinging onto that one piece of see through cloth that will reveal her true sculpture. For now, the legs are doing enough to shake the hearts.

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Neetu chandra boobs poping out of her dress. neetu chandra exposing cleavage. neetu chandra seduction. neetu chandra hot pics.

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Photo Feature: Sexy RDX Bomb

No one needs explanation on how powerful an RDX bomb is but what is the same power is generated by a bombshell. That’s exactly what this pretty and hot seductress is doing here in her green outfit. She is none other than Neetu Chandra, the hot girl who shocked all with her ‘lesbian’ act on the sea shore of Mumbai.
She is now known as the RDX of the screen. R-ravishing, D- Dashing, X- Exposing siren who has got the right curves at the right places and looks that can make men go crazy. Here she is, showing the depth of her cleavage and also the luscious thighs that are waiting to be caressed.
With a pose as inviting as hers, it is without doubt that any man would simply fall on his knees and will treat her as a queen. There are those who are hoping that they could become that green dress of hers and feel the volcanic temperatures of her delicious body and are saying in Tinglish - “ Neetu.. you are very hottuuu”.

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Heroine With 'Transparent Bikini'.. neetu chandra hot poses.. neetu chandra cleavage curve.. neetu chandra almost nude..

With the bikini craze picking up with each passing day and more beautiful heroines getting into the bold act, those hot bombshells who are known for their sex appeal are now taking another step to prove their unique presence. One among them seems to be the hot and bold beauty Neetu Chandra.

There is news that Neetu Chandra will soon be seen wearing a transparent bikini and this will be happening for a new movie. This has the muscular stud Vishal as the hero and it is slated to be a bilingual which has got three heroines and Neetu is said to be the one with the steamiest role.

Recently, Neetu hit the headlines for her extremely seductive poses in a bra and bikini, that too with another hot model on the beaches of Mumbai. This raised few eyebrows and went upto the extent of labeling her as a lesbian. So let’s see what heat she brings up with her transparent bikini now.