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Shriya's Nude Photos In Circulation

Her name is enough to create a tsunami in the hearts of many men and her looks are sufficient to shake the trousers of all and create an earthquake. She is none other than Shriya and right now, she is the hot topic of discussion for a rather kinky but unfortunate reason.

Apparently, grapevine says that while posing for a film magazine cover page draped in a bathtowel, Shriya’s towel dropped down and the photos clicked. Though measures were immediately taken to censor all those, somehow they got leaked and right now, the nude pictures are said to be making hot circulations.

Those who have seen the stills say that Shriya is looking no less than a sex goddess and with her sculpted body and silky skin, she has raised the mercury levels to an alarming level. The nude photos are said to be in major circulation through the internet but there are those who quash these stills as morphed creations.

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ANR's Confused Statements About 'Drinking'

The legendary Akkineni Nageswara Rao has often been known for his self discipline and strict approach. However, one issue seems to have confused those who have been following his statements. That is ANR’s stand towards alcohol and drinking.

In an interview given to ABN-AJ channel, ANR has reportedly said he never drank and once friends forced him during his younger days but he just acted like he had. Much before that, in one speech, he recalled about someone asking his health secret and revealed that after his bypass surgery, doctor prescribed a permissible amount of alcohol and that’s what keeps him fresh and healthy looking.

Before that, in one of the interviews for the Eenadu supplement, ANR maintained that he never drank or even smelled alcohol. All this has confused many and though they are trying to figure it out, the industry folks say that they know ANR’s brand and comment as to why he has to bluff at this age.

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Tollywood bigwigs to meet TRS chief KCR

Abadly bruised and battered Tollywood is mustering courage to pick up the threads in the New Year though conditions are as adverse as they have been in the last one month.

Ironically, a fresh beginning is sought to be made in the Telangana region by releasing a film the title of which carries the name of United Andhra protagonist Chiranjeevi. On January 1, the film 'Maa Naana Chiranjeevi' is all set to be released in at least 22 theatres in Hyderabad. The film is directed by P A Arun Prasad, who had directed Chiranjeevi's brother Pawan Kalyan in 'Thammudu'. "It is indeed risky in the given circumstances but we have to face the situation," said Natti Kumar who has bought the distribution rights of the film starring Jagapathi Babu.

Trying to leave behind the traumatic times of the last few weeks, another movie titled 'Yugalageetham' is also sought to be released on January 1. With Tollywood's big heroes out of action not having any releases so far this year, Hollywood films have become runway hits. Interestingly, all this comes in the midst of the Maoists' call for bandh on Jan 2 and Telangana protagonists' plan to hold a massive youth demonstration on Jan 3.

Bigwigs of Toolywood are trying to meet TRS leader K Chandrasekhar Rao to explain how the industry as a whole was getting hit. "The issue is not about films of some people being disrupted. The larger issue is that thousands of people involved in the industry, including those in the Telangana region, are suffering," said V V Balakrishna Rao, president, A P Film Chamber of Commerce.

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Allu Sirish's Bikinis For Heroines

The Allu family is known in the film circuit. While Allu Aravind is the crafty movie maker, Allu Aravind is the stylish young hero. However, another Allu kid has been making waves not just professionally but also among those who work with him. He is none other than Allu Sirish, the youngest son of Allu Aravind.

Buzz is that Allu Aravind is not a very approachable person and not many like him. However, Sirish has been breaking that image and perhaps it is that nature of his which is making him hot among heroines as well. Sirish who runs the famous ‘South Scope’ magazine is said to be chased by the beautiful actresses as they want to be featured on the cover page of the magazine.

On the other hand, Sirish is said to be coming up with bikini specials for the heroines and turning the magazine hot. As it is, the latest edition is said to have a calendar for 2010 with hot actresses in skimpy costumes for each month. Bindu Madhavi, Madhu Shalini, Shriya are coming up with scorching bikinis for the calendar. Get ready for some bikini treat folks, Good going Sirish!!!

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Tempers Rising Over 'Adhurs' Release

The film ‘Adhurs’ was meant to be the most talked about movie of the season and it was originally slated to be a Christmas release. However, the outrageous attacks by the Telangana activists have caused lot of mayhem and this has disrupted the entire flow of the films for the season.

Now, there is news that many film buffs in different parts of the state including Telangana region are irked up with the whole thing and are waiting to see when ‘Adhurs’ will release. Even NTR jr is said to be upset about the issue since nothing is being known for sure.

Huge money is at stake for the distributors and many are hoping that the film should release before January 7th. The makers are said to be urging the government to take strong measures against the TRS goons over these mindless acts as this is leading to huge losses everywhere.

According to industry information, arrangements have been made to release the film with more than 900 prints — 200 more than ‘Magadheera.’ Sources said the distributors have put in huge money on ‘Adhurs’ expecting huge returns during the festival season.

While Magadheera was reported to have been sold out for Rs 1.5 crore in Krishna district and Rs 2.1 crore in Guntur, Adhurs went for Rs 1.8 crore in Krishna and Rs 2.3 crore in Guntur districts.

“The distributors are very worried with the continued postponement of the film release as stakes are high. Their main worry is the impending losses if the film is not released before the festive season,” said former Film Censor Board member Jonnalagadda Ramchandra Sastry.

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‘Liposuction’ For Sweta Basu’s Tummy

She is known as the giggly beauty of the Telugu circuit and so far, she has scored only hits with her films. However, she has now scored her first flop with the film ‘Kasko’ and along with that, she seems to have got some feedback as well. We are talking about Swetha Basu Prasad.
Those who have watched ‘Kasko’ are now saying that Swetha is putting on weight in her tummy area and especially below her navel. Swetha was seen in a rather glamorous image in the film and gave a lot of oomph. She was seen in low waist jeans and didn’t let go of any opportunity to expose her navel.
For now, the audience is suggesting she must look at some sort of massage treatment or the regular liposuction kinds so that the flab on her tummy can be removed. If that happens, they feel Swetha will look even sexy and perhaps that can give her some plum offers. Let us hope she is reading this.

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Shahrukh and bodyguards rescue Asin

Ghajini star Asin Thottumkal had King Khan coming to her rescue when she was caught in a difficult and awkward situation at a Mumbai event recently.  Around 300 lewd persons, who posed themselves as the actress' fans, tried to mob around Asin, who was helpless.
Least did they realise that Shah Rukh was also to the event, with his six well-built security guards.  In no time, SRK came to the rescue of the Southern actress and helped her wriggle free of the gang of 300.
The timely intervention of SRK and his body guards finally helped her feel relieved.  Asin being a popular face, having acted opposite Aamir Khan and Salman Khan in her two Bollywood films, should think of getting out with her own security next time onwards.

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Is Nitin set to benefit?

The question some of them are asking is, will Nitin stand good stead owing to the Telangana sentiment?  With the narrative of self-respect forming a crucial aspect of the T-agitation, Nitin, the only recognisable star who hails from the region could stand good benefit come Sankranthi, when his movie Seetharamula Kalyanam releases.

The actor, who hails from Nizamabad district, has the film lined up in January 2010 and it seems that the flops-battered star need not worry for competition from 'Kedi', 'Namo Venkatesha' and 'Shambo Shiva Shambo', or for that matter from 'Kalavar King' or 'Prasthanam'.

The exhibitors and distributors are sure that the film will be the only one in fray, at least in the initial weeks, when the issue is unlikely to get subsided.  It will only mean better openings for the film.

By the way, the film is set in a neutral place.  That's in Sri Lanka.  Let's see if Nitin limps back in the new year.

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2cr per night for Bipasha

It’s is hay time for Bipasha Basu now. The actress is making the best of her stardom. She is now doing a New Year bash show in Mumbai in a five star hotel at a whooping 2cr per night. Though the actress does not confirm the amount she surely says that it is good money.

Last year she had taken 80lakh for a similar project, but thanks to her increased popularity she has accepted this year’s offer at double the price. Moreover actresses like Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra were competing last year, this year there seems to be no competition for the dark Bongo beauty.
Incidentally the whole Bipasha affair will only be for 15 minutes in the entire night.

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I’ll own an IPL team: Sameera

The cricket fan in Sameera Reddy has come out in open at last. The actress hopes of owning an Indian Premier League (IPL) team in the future and says cricket and films are the two things she is passionate about.
“I would love to be associated with IPL. I’ll buy an IPL team some day. I am fond of both cricket and movies. These two things are my passions,” the ‘Varanam Aayiram’ girl says with a bright smile.
Sameera, who celebrated her birthday recently, hopes that the year ahead would take her to further heights, thanks to Ajith starrer ‘Asal’ in which she is an inevitable part. Interestingly, she took part in the shoot of the movie on her special day, without even taking a break.
Ask her why, she says: “How could I disturb others work in the name of my birthday? I had given my callsheet for the day (for ‘Asal’) already and I couldn’t cancel it just like that. Hence, I was shooting non-stop.”
Heaping laurels on Ajith, she says, “He is a man of discipline and dignity. One can’t find him wasting time unnecessarily. Even during breaks, he would keep himself occupied by doing something.”

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Priyamani and 'bikini' professionalism

The bikini culture has been picking up slowly in the southern circuit as well and it must be said that among the new age heroines, it is the buxom beauty Priyamani who has come up with a feasty show of her curves and what it means to sport a bikini on the screen.

However, the pretty girl has backed up her act by saying that she is a thorough professional and if her director wants her to appear in glamorous outfits or skimpy costumes, she would do her best not to disturb the situation and be cooperative.
The dusky beauty says that if her oomph factor adds to the appeal and glamour of the film then she has no hesitation in doing so. Well, the audience say that if only all heroines were as flexible as Priyamani then Tollywood would overtake Bollywood in no time.

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Tamannah & ‘Ko’

Luck is working overtime for Tamannah, you can say. The actress, who witnessed her career graph reaching the skies in 2009, is all set to continue the good show in 2010 too.
If sources are to be believed, the petite beauty has been roped in to romance Silambarasan for ‘Ko’, a film directed by K V Anand. Remember it was the same director who made ‘Ayan’ with the same Tamannah as heroine.
The title 'Ko' means king in Tamil. The movie produced by S Kumar and R Jayaraman of RS Infotainment, who are currently producing 'Vinnaithandi Varuvaya', would be an out and out commercial entertainer, sources say.
‘Ko' brings together Anand, writer-duo Subha and Harris Jayaraj again after the success of 'Ayan'. Peter Hein will choreograph stunt sequences. Shooting would commence after Pongal.

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Kajal clears the air

Kajal Agarwal’s career graph is moving upward ever since the release of ‘Magadheera’, which had Chiranjeevi’s son Ramcharan Teja in the lead. The new numero uno actress of Tollywood is all set to enter Bollywood too, reports suggested.
Media reports had it that she would repeat her role in the Hindi remake of ‘Magadheera’, in which Hrithik Roshan would replace Ramcharan Teja.
When asked, the actress said, “I have been getting feelers from various quarters about my willingness to take up the project. But I haven't been directly approached by the production house. So I don't want to confirm it.”
Magadheera, directed by S S Rajamouli, is an action extravaganza that travels between two centuries. Kajal’s performance as a princess and a modern girl won accolades. Meanwhile, the pretty actress has signed up ‘Naan Magan Alla’(Tamil) opposite Karthi in Tamil.

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Rajini in all praise for Vidya Balan

Superstar Rajinikanth was in all praise for Paa actress Vidya Balan at a preview of the film in Chennai recently.  After watching the film in which his one of the favourites acted as a 13-year old, Rajini praised Vidya, who plays Amitabh's mother, saying that she liked her expressions in the film.
The superstar also said that the actress looks like his daughters Soundarya and Aishwarya features-wise.  Vidya must be savouring the appreciation from the craziest South Indian star of the day.
The actress, who is already happy that her performance is "fetching the best response since Parineeta," must be thinking of reacting to Rajini's plaudits very soon.
However, Rajini reserved the best compliments for Big B.  Calling the way Amitabh has pulled the role "unbelievable," the actor fawningly said the Badshah was the "greatest."  He was moved to tears watching the movie, along with his wife Lata and two daughters.  Like the rest of us.

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Naga Chaitanya's film in Chennai

Chaitanya's film is currently being shot in Chennai, before it comes back to Hyderabad for yet another schedule.  Gautham Menon is directing the one-film old Akkineni scion in this costly movie, produced by Indira Productions's Manjula Swaroop.  AR Rahman is composing the music.  Earlier, some crucial scenes were shot in New Yorka and Kerala, including a song in the scenic locales of 'God's own country.'
In Chennai, the yet-to-be-titled movie is shooting for crucial sequences involving the actor and other artistes.  A love story, the film has the element of friendship.  Krishnudu plays Chaitanya's closest buddy in the film.  Hope to see a pleasant camaraderie between the two actors.
The film has many talents uniting to present a best one.  Umarji Anuradha is the dialogue writer, while Devan plays a pivotal role.
Is the film releasing for Sankranthi.  It seems that it is highly unlikely.  So far, there is no news of the music's release yet, forget the film.

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Tollywood Babus!! Hollywood Calling!!!

With big investment, there is chance of big returns and this formula is applicable very strongly in the film circuit. However, there are those talented and lucky few who tend to make movies with small investments and get high returns. This is a rare happening but right now, the situation is different. 
Big producers are going for small budget movies and are getting small returns. The big money is not there due to various reasons and this is causing a crunch situation of sorts in the tinsel town. And now, the Hollywood folks are said to have focused on the local talent from here.
It seems that those who have original stories and real talent will have a strong chance in Hollywood but then if the Telugu movie makers still adapt the formula of dubbing and copying from there, then this chance would go bleak. Hope some strategy is worked out and there is some talent exchange.

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'3 Idiots' Remake Idea Among Tollywood Heroes

Two movies have been ruling the roost currently at the Tollywood box office. While one is ‘Avatar’, the other is the Bollywood flick ‘3 Idiots’. As expected, with the two movies reaching blockbuster marks, the Tollywood folks have got into the remake mode for them. 
While remaking ‘Avatar’ would take another 30 years for us, it is heard that many Tollywood heroes are keen on coming up with a Telugu version of ‘3 Idiots’. They feel that the story and the emotion in the movie will connect well with the Telugu audience and they can mix it with some desi elements as well.
It is also heard that efforts have begun to bag the remake rights for the film and producers are offering astronomical figures to get them. However, some of them say it is hard to match the caliber of someone like Aamir Khan so only time will tell if the Tollywood heroes will take it up or not.

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'Hot Exchange Offer' Between Kollywood And Tollywood Heroes

With each passing day, there is a good amount of creativity coming in the film industry and the objective for that is to score success at the box office and appease the tastes of the intelligent audience which has become quite aware and has got many demands.
One such way is said to be the coming together of the Tollywood and Kollywood stars and their exchanges. If grapevine is to be believed, power star Pawan Kalyan who will soon be arriving with his ‘Komaram Puli’ will have the Kollywood star Simbu doing a special cameo.
In return, the buzz is that Pawan will do a cameo in the Tamil version of the film if Simbu plays lead!! Many say that if this happens, it will open up a new avenue for creativity and audience in both Tollywood and Kollywood will have a good time. One can recall the success ‘Peddarayudu’ had when superstar Rajinikanth did a powerful cameo while Mohan Babu played the lead role.

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Sonia ignores PVNR, says Rajiv scripted economic reforms

NEW DELHI: Sonia Gandhi praised contributions of all Congress prime ministers except P V Narasimha Rao in her speech Monday during the foundation stone-laying function of the Congress headquarters in Delhi to mark 125 years of the party's formation.
Making no mention of Rao in her 15-minute speech, she said Rajiv Gandhi scripted the course of economic policies that were followed by the government (headed by Rao) for the following five years.
"Rajiv did not stay with us to see his dreams being realised but we can see his stamp in the party manifesto for 1991 elections. That became the basis for economic policies for the next five years. These policies gave a new direction and strength to our economy and our society," she said.
Manmohan Singh was finance minister in the Rao government that was in office from 1991 and 1996 and who is credited with initiating the path-breaking reforms with the backing of Rao.
Sonia Gandhi said the party passed through a difficult phase in the mid-nineties and questions were raised even on the ability of the party to survive. "But we moved ahead without compromising our core beliefs and crossed difficult hurdles. We got a favourable verdict in the 2004 and 2009 general elections through our dedication and hard work," she said.
While Rao did not find a mention in her speech, Sonia Gandhi praised all other Congress prime ministers including Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Manmohan Singh.
Congress leaders rarely make a mention of Rao who was the prime minister when the Babri mosque was demolished on Dec 6, 1992. The party lost its support base among minorities in Uttar Pradesh after the mosque demolition and was able to put up a good show in the state only in the 2009 general elections when it won 21 seats.
During the debate in parliament on the Liberhan commission report relating to the Ayodhya dispute, the Left and Samajwadi Party had blamed the Rao government for not doing enough to prevent the demolition of the Babri mosque.

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TRS Mobs Encourage Pubs On Bandh!!!

The bandh call given by the fanatical goons of K Chandrasekhar Rao and the TRS party brought life to a standstill. In no time, the mobs were on the road creating extensive damage to the public property and bars and other small establishments faced the brunt.
Surprisingly, it was reported that the pubs were unfazed by the commotion happening outside and they were going on with their music and pretty girls dancing around just like any other day. It is heard that all such joints ran to packed houses with boys and girls landing up at late nights as well.
Here is the best part, some of these pubs are reportedly close to the TRS office but still, not an iota of their premises were damaged while the rest of the properties belonging to daily workers and others small time shop owners were smashed. Strange policies the TRS members have….

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Astrology Predicts 'Danger' To KCR!

With the kind of momentum and voltage that K Chandrasekhar Rao has generated in less than a month, many have been wondering as to where he got this fuel from. In no time, the astrologists were brought into the picture and here is the essence of what his ‘janma kundali’ has to say.
It is predicted that between February 2010 and August 2010, KCR has a ‘gandam’ of sorts and this could be in the form of an accident or a severe health crisis. One renowned astrologer claimed that since KCR has been creating a mental torture of sorts to many Telugus, he will face the same experience around that time. Other astrologer also says that KCR will not become CM in his life time for any state.
They also predict that his gochara and planetary position is not that strong during that time and due to the weak position of his eighth lord ship, he is bound to pay some heavy price. While no confirmations are received on this, the past record from these astrologers has shown sharp accuracy in their predictions. It worked with Chiru’s political blow and now it is the turn of KCR.

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'Third statement' on Telangana tomorrow?

If reports from New Delhi are to be believed, the UPA government might make a third statement on the controversial Telangana issue in a day or two, to bring down rising tempers in the region.
Several Congress ministers and MPs from Telangana met union Law Minister M. Veerappa Moily and Ahmed Patel on Monday and urged them to act 'immediately' on the separate statehood issue, or the movement would 'spread'. The union ministers assured that the high command was very positive about the issue and might make yet another statement in a day or two with more clarity on Telangana state formation.
Rajya Sabha MP V Hanumantha Rao and Nizamabad MP Madhu Goud Yaskhi, MP, told media persons that they had conveyed to the high command on the need to do something for Telangana immediately, lest the movement will spread.
On Sunday, Andhra Pradesh Minister Geeta Reddy told reporters that union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has promised 'some good news' on Telangana while requesting the ministers to withdraw their resignations.
'Pranab Mukherjee asked us to withdraw our resignations and assured us that there will be good news on Telangana in the near future,' Geeta Reddy had said.

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Astrology: Telangana Never Forms!

Astrologers have given their twist to the crisis-ridden story of the state, at least as far as the year 2009 is concerned. Astrologers say that Andhra Pradesh is currently going through second phase of ‘sade-saati’, which means seven and a half year long period of Saturn on Moon in the natal chart of the state. This period started in July 19, 2007 and would continue until November 3, 2014, they say. Currently, the state is in the second phase of the (Janma Sani) of sade-saati, which started on September 9, 2009 and will continue until August 5, 2012. The Janma Sani phase is considered the worst of the three sade-saati phases. In addition, the static condition of Mars (Neecha Sthambana or Kuja Stambana) in Chitra star (birth star of AP) is not helping matters. And there is more news. As per the state’s birth chart, there will be no division of the state. At least, the high command would know who to shift the blame to in case Telangana does not become a reality.

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Discount by Hansika

The Milky girl’s last two films Maska and Jayaheebhava have failed at Box Office. So she decided to give an offer to the producers that she was decreasing her remuneration till her next hit. Discounts are not only confined to shoppings, but it can be seen giving in film industry also. Surprisingly, even director Puri Jagannath joined this flop club.
Puri Jagannath , who also failed with his latest movie ‘Ek Niranjan’ is planning to make a film with Gopichand in which Hansika is pairing him and she has reduced her remuneration to 80 lakhs and upon puri’s request,agreed for lesser pay pack and has given a special Discount, sources said.

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Movie Review : 3 Idiots : Rating : 7/10

Rancho (Amir Khan), Farhan (Madhavan) and Raju (Sharman Joshi) are classmates in a premiere engineering college in India. They are from different backgrounds (one ultra rich, one middle class and another poor economic background). Dean Viru (Boman Irani) is a follows a strict regime and believes in putting peer pressure on students. Rancho is of opinion that students should never chase grades, but they should love what they are doing. The rest of the story is all about how Rancho makes a difference to his friends and proves that the dean is wrong.

Aamir Khan looks like a teenager with young outlook. R Madhavan is good as a student who has his heart set elsewhere. Sharman Joshi is a perfect fit for a guy from poverty-stricken family. Kareena Kapoor’s role is little passive in the movie and she is good. She looks little elder to Aamir Khan. Boman Irani has done a character that has striking similarities to that of his character in Munnabhai MBBS. The guy who did the role of NRI is cool.

Technical departments:
Story - screenplay – direction: The story of this movie has roots in Chetan Bhagat’s first novel ‘Five Point Someone’ – a semi-biographical book set in the backdrop of IIT. Raj Kumar Hirani and Abhijit Joshi have taken the basic gist and a few instances from the book and penned a fresh story. Screenplay of the movie is refreshing with spaced flashback narration. You will have something to look forward to in the entire movie. Direction is excellent. I have read ‘Five Point Someone’ and loved it. The only part in the book I didn’t like is the procedure they go through when the steal the question paper from dean’s office. Thankfully, the director modified it to make it look simple.
The following parts are retained from the book –
1. Three different backgrounds for each of three students.
2. Hero falling in love with dean’s daughter.
3. References to death of Dean’s son.
4. Poor student trying to commit suicide and breaking his legs

Characterization changes compared to the book
1. Hari (Rancho) character is completely modified. The entire book is written from Hari’s point of view. In the movie, the remaining two characters narrate the story of Rancho (Hari).
2. Ryan (Farhan) character is completely changed. Ryan is a man who is into alcohol and grass. Whereas Farhan has a passion for photography in the movie. And his passion is to become a wildlife photographer. But he joined engineering college to satisfy his parents. Alok (Raju) character is kept intact in the movie.
3. Professor’s daughter character is cut down.

The refreshing changes in story –
1. The interval episode is excellent.
2. Baby delivery episode is amazing.
3. The final scene between NRI and Aamir Khan is superb.
4. The relationship between heroine and her brand-crazy materialistic beau is developed very well.

Here are the best scenes in the movie –
1. Aamir Khan intro episode where he replies to the ragging senior.
2. Aamir Khan asking why astronauts can’t use pencil and Boman Irani replying to it towards the climax.
3. The entire sequences of showing Sharman’s family episodes in black & white color.
4. The way Madhavan convinces his parents.
5. Hindi speech episode by NRI student makes you laugh uncontrollably (thanx to the funny usage of balatkar and sthan).
6. The style in which Sharman replies to the questions in the interview
7. The methods used by Aamir to make injured Sharman as a normal guy.
8. The baby delivery episode
9. The climax episode of NRI meeting the scientist.

The director seems to be still having in the hangover of Munnabhai MBBS
1. Boman Irani characterization is similar (he plays professor in both the movies) and hero falls in love with professor’s daughter in both the movies.
2. The hospital scenes (baby delivery and sharman’s hospitalization) have similar tone in both the movies.
3. If Munnabhai 1 & 2 professed Jaadu Ki jhappi and Gandhigiri, 3 Idiots comes up with another philosophy of ‘all is well’.

Other technical departments: Cinematography CK Muraleedharan is excellent. Music by Shantanu Moitra sound average when you listen and watch the promos, but it sounds very good in the movie because of well-conceived songs and their proper placement. Editing is very good. You don’t find the movie lengthy though the runtime is almost 3 hours. Dialogues are witty as well as thought-provoking.
Analysis: 3 Idiots is a movie that has both entertainment and sentiment mixed in the right proportions. It is also a message oriented film and it gives the message with nice entertainment. All the alumni of engineering colleges will have a nostalgic moment in the movie as we can identify ourselves with one character among there three idiots (for me, it reminded me of my BITS Pilani days). People in the theatre were clapping after the movie is finished and it shows the kind of impact 3 Idiots has it on it’s viewers. On a whole, ‘3 Idiots’ is a wonderful film and I recommend it to everybody.

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Asin is Lux Most Promising Star

Ever since Asin made her sensational debut in Bollywood, with ‘Ghajini’ the actress is not looking back. She is going strong and completes the year pretty well with a good number of awards in het kitty.
It all started with the Filmfare Best Female Debut Award and she went on to win most of the Debutant Awards. With two Filmfare Awards in South and one in North Asin already bagged three Filmfare Awards very early in her career.
Now she wins the “Lux–Sabse Tez Sitara’ forming the most happening actress of the year. Apart from films she also had coveted brand endorsements and a film with Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan.
Asin also got the Kalaimamani Award from the Government of Tamil Nadu and the best actress Anandalok Award for her ‘Ghajini’.

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Ajith's 'Vettaikkaran' connection

Any guesses who sang a particular portion of 'Naan Adicha Thanga Maatta....' in 'Vettaikkaran', for which Vijay's son Jason Sanjay shared the screen space with his dad?
He is Aswath Ajith, son of popular drummer Ajith. The young singer's mom Vinitha too is a vocalist. She rendered voice to the hit song 'Kana Kaangiren....' in 'Ananda Thandavam'.
"Thanks to my mom and dad I was inspired by music. I started my journey with a Malayalam film titled 'Currency'. Music composer James Vasanthan gave me the opportunity to step into Tamil cinema with 'Pasanga'. Then came the 'Vettaikkaran' offer," Aswath Ajith says.
On his goals, he says, "I want to make it big in the field of music. Also, I would like to learn all forms of music. With support from my parents, I am hopeful that I would achieve my goals."
Happy about the feedback he has been getting for 'Vettaikkaran', Aswath says, "my friends and parents are immensely proud. My thanks to music composer Vijay Antony for giving me the opportunity."

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N.D. Tiwari denies involvement in 'sex scandal'

Hyderabad, Dec 25 (IANS) Andhra Pradesh Governor N.D. Tiwari Friday denied media reports alleging his involvement in a sex scandal and termed them “malicious” even as women’s groups held demonstrations outside his official residence here demanding his resignation.
The opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leader N. Chandrababu Naidu has also sought the 86-year-old Tiwari’s resignation for “unbecoming conduct”.
Ravi Shankar, Tiwari’s lawyer told CNN-IBN news channel that the allegations were “a tissue of lies” and they had slapped a legal notice on the media house that telecast clips purportedly showing the governor in compromising position along with three young women in his bedroom.
ABN channel, owned by Telugu daily Andhra Jyothi, telecast the story in the morning to shocked viewers.
The state high court later issued an order restraining the channel from telecasting the “demeaning” story.
Hours after the TV channel aired footage of the alleged sex scandal, a group of 50 odd women descended on the Raj Bhawan demanding action against the governor.
Police quickly hustled away the protesting women. A dozen activists of the All India Democratic Women’s Organisation and Progressive Women’s Organisation were arrested.
A statement issued from Raj Bhavan Friday evening said the governor was disturbed at the attempts to malign him.
The statement signed by Aryandra Sharma, officer on special duty to the governor, said: “All other media/news channels have been informed of the facts with a request not to take cognizance of fabricated, false and malicious news story attempting to tarnish the image of the Hon’ble Governor.”
“There is absolutely no truth in the alleged news story which is nothing but sensation mongering and in poor taste. It is nothing but a tissue of lies,” it added.
“The Governor Shri Narayan Datt Tiwariji is 86 years old and in the evening of his life. The office of the Governor is constantly under public scrutiny and entirely above board.”
“It is sad and unfortunate that constitutional functionaries are dragged into needless controversy with utter disregard to propriety as well as deference to be shown to the age which is part of our culture and tradition,” it said.
The Andhra Pradesh High Court, acting on a public suit, issued an injunction against showing the pictures, a couple of hours after the ABN channel aired the clips.
The channel quoted Radhika, a woman from Uttarakhand, as saying that she sent the young women to the Raj Bhavan on Tiwari’s request through his aide.
The woman said she was exposing the governor as he failed to provide her an iron ore mining licence in Andhra Pradesh.
TDP chief Naidu told a news conference that Tiwari should resign or the central government should sack him for bringing shame to the “sacred office of the governor”. The former chief minister also demanded a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) inquiry into the scandal as some MPs were also allegedly involved.

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Shruthi Haasan Unplugged!

Daughter dear of Kamal says that music is her everything in life. The smart daughter of Kamal is geared-up to rock us with her unique voice through the Live Martini band this time.
Shruthi is a happy girl right now with good offers. Going to music school, meeting the amazing teachers learning Hindustani classical and lot more interesting stuffs are making her a busy bee.
When asked about her passion towards music and if she is interested to show it in Tamil she said, “Now-a-days, I have listened to some incredible numbers by vernacular rock bands. It’s so great to see our native languages being celebrated and revered. I would love to sing a vernacular rock song.”
Guess what she had to say if she will do the music for her dad’s next film as well? “I have no clue. You should ask this to my dad. I want him to come see Shruthi the musician and artiste, and not Shruthi, his daughter. I want the music to speak for itself,” she said by tossing her dimple smile over us.

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Ajith’s 50th movie by Goutham Menon!

Hear is a breaking news for everyone who is eagerly waiting for the announcements about Ajith’s 50th movie…
Reliable sources had it that the landmark project of Ajith will be directed by Goutham Menon. Dayanidhi Alagiri will be producing the film under his home banner Cloud Nine Movies.
Many were on the race to direct Ajith’s 50th film and now the opportunity has been bagged by Goutham Menon. Fresh after the completion of his ‘Vinnaithandi Varuvaya’, the director is all set to start the work with Thala.
Vijay is already working on his 50th project ‘Sura’ and now it’s Ajith who will be chasing him after. Let’s see who wins the race at the box office!

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It’s three cheers for 3 Idiots, Aamir on opening day

NEW DELHI: Three Idiots is set to outwit the other big stars at the box office on Friday. Going by the movie’s performance at cinema halls, the producer and distributors expect to close Friday with Rs 20-crore gross revenue. In comparison, other hits like Love Aaj Kal and Kambakkht Ishq grossed Rs 9-10 crore on their first day.

Aamir Khan has been having blockbuster Christmas releases for three years now. The actor’s latest flick earned worldwide gross revenues of Rs 9 crore on Thursday, Rs 2 crore more than his 2008 hit, Ghajini.

Two large multiplex players said most of the shows have 90-95% bookings, with several of them running to full houses. Incidentally, the multiplexes increased prices by 10-15% for 3 Idiots, which usually is the norm for movies starring marque actors. “This could be one of the best openings of a movie this year in terms of theatrical revenues. Going by the advance booking numbers, we believe the movie will continue to get similar response for the next few days,” Delhi-based PVR Cinemas CEO Amitabh Vardhan said.

Mumbai-based multiplex Inox Leisure’s CEO Alok Tandon added that the advance bookings are between 85% and 90% for the weekend. While the movie has opened well, “it’s still too early to say whether it will be the biggest blockbuster of the year,” trade analyst Taran Adarsh said.

“In Australia, multiplexes have reduced shows of the movie, Avatar, and increased shows for 3 Idiots,” Vidhu Vinod Chopra, producer of the movie, said.

Produced by Vinod Chopra Productions, 3 Idiots was distributed in collaboration with Reliance Big Pictures. Made on an estimated budget of Rs 35 crore, 3 Idiots has been released with 1,894 prints, of which 1,550 went to the Indian market and 344 went overseas.

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Terror attack on US plane averted

A bid to blow up a Detroit-bound flight has been averted in the US as the explosive device failed.

According to US media reports, Abdul Mudallad, a Nigerian passenger with links to the Al-Qaeda, was planning to blow up the plane and has been arrested. 

US President Obama has ordered increased security in the US after the terror bid on board the Northwest airlines flight travelling from Amsterdam to Detroit was foiled.

Mudallad told investigators he had acquired the explosive in Yemen, along with instructions as to when it should be used.

It was not immediately clear why the passenger wanted to attack the flight.

The FBI is investigating the case.

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Andhra Governor in eye of storm over TV expose

Just like his government, Andhra Pradesh Governor N D Tiwari is also in the eye of a storm. An expose allegedly showing Tiwari in a compromising position with girls at Raj Bhavan has raised a stink, with opposition parties demanding he be immediately sacked.

Women groups are now demanding Governor Narayan Dutt Tiwari's ouster from Raj Bhavan in Hyderabad. This after a private Telugu channel aired photograph that allegedly showed Tiwari in a compromising position with several girls, who the channel claimed worked at Raj Bhavan.

After a Public Interest Litigation (PIL), the Andhra Pradesh High court asked the channel to stop telecast of the visuals. Raj Bhavan said the TV programme was 'fabricated, false and malicious', aimed at tarnishing the image of the Governor.

"He degraded it. It is not we. It is the Governor who has to answer for being involved in such acts," said A Radhakrishna, Editor, Andhra Jyoti.

The Opposition has demanded that Tiwari be sacked.

"Today what they have shown is very bad and everybody should be ashamed of it. I demand that immediately the Governor should resign or otherwise the Government of India should sack him," said Chandrababu Naidu, Leader of the Opposition.

The government was reluctant to react.

When NDTV asked Andhra home Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy about the icnident she slammed the door of her car.

The expose comes at a time when there is speculation on whether the state will come under President's rule and on whether a new incumbent will occupy Raj Bhavan.

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Just a Minute With: Sushmita Sen

Fifteen years ago, Sushmita Sen charmed an entire nation with her intelligence and poise after she brought home Indias first Miss Universe crown.
The statuesque model-turned-actress is now all set to help groom young girls for the international pageant as host of its India preliminaries - 'I am She'.
Sen, who has earned a reputation for herself in the Indian media for being unconventional, spoke to Reuters about I am She, her adopted daughters 'Renee' and 'Alisah' and why she would like to adopt many more times.

Q: Why do you think India is not doing well at international pageants? What do you think is lacking in our beauty contest aspirants?

A: The reason you have had so many winners from South American countries, like Venezuela, Chile or even Brazil, is that they take this contest with the same seriousness that we take the Olympics.

Its a competition for them, on a global platform. The whole country backs it. Even 'Miss Universe' must feel the pressure, because at a venue in the Bahamas, you can only hear Spanish because the whole of Venezuela has flown down for the event.

A lot of the nations that come for the event, big or small, who dont take this so seriously, suffer because their girls never get a natural push that the other countries get, just for sheer involvement in the event.

But we are going to change that, because we know inherently that nobody can make as much noise as we can. We are the loudest. This should be the kind of victory that your country calls to congratulate you for.

Q: Your pageant is also associated with social causes. How important is celebrity status in the glamour industry?

A: When I was a kid in school if you showed me a social message on TV, it would bore me. But if it was integrated into a Santa Barbara, or a beauty pageant, I would be hooked. So for me glamour, sports are very important to be able to express the support for all the causes that one feels strongly for. And there are so many of them. So we have tied up with five NGOs for five causes that we strongly believe in for the 2010 edition of the 'I am She' pageant.

Q: One of the NGOs that you have chosen is 'Baalasha'. Tell us the reason behind the decision.

A: That is an obvious one. 'Baalasha' made my first experience of becoming a mother so painless, and at a time when I was only 24. At that time India didnt allow single parents, especially actresses who were single, to adopt. Baalasha could have made my life really difficult, but instead they went out of their way and made it really easy for me. There are so many kids out there who just need to go home; they seriously need to go home.

I feel that I will adopt many more times, because I feel that whatever is my capacity, I must do.

Q: You have just adopted another baby girl, Alisah. Tell us about her.

A: She is adorable! She is so beautiful and Renee is almost like a mother to her. I was just waiting for the courts to make it legal for you to be able to adopt two girls, and the minute that happened, I jumped at the chance. She is three months old and I just want to ask everyone to pray for her.

Q: What does it take to be a good businesswoman?

A: To be a good businesswoman, most importantly is that you have to be aware. You can do no good unless you are aware. Awareness is of many levels. Once you choose a process, you have to trust it; you have to trust the team you have chosen, because they are your biggest strength. I would say invest in your people. Oh, and always watch your costs!

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Shakila in love

Cupid is at work. And the victim is Shakila, who says she is in love with an entrepreneur and will marry him soon.
“Yes, I am in love. He is a businessman. Our relationship is going strong and we will marry in June 2010. I will reveal more details after getting his permission,” says the actress, who is busy doing cameo and comedy roles in many Tamil films.
Saying that her affection for her mom stopped her from entering wedlock so far, the former uncrowned queen of ‘Malayalam films’ says: “I realised that I am alone only after the demise of my mother six months ago.”
Denying reports that Mammootty and Mohanlal were the reason behind her exit from Malayalam cinema, Shakila says, “it was a wrong impression. My season is over. And hence I have changed my path.”
On her goals, she says, “My image has already undergone a sea change. I would like others to see me a talented actress who could play any role with ease. I am ready for character roles that have enough scope for me.”

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Trisha bags role in Kamal's film

Actress Trisha, who is going great guns here in Tollywood, must be very happy these days.  The damsel has finally got to act with Kollywood biggie Kamal Hassan, though her previous stint with him, in Marmayogi, never materialized.  However, yet another Kamal project has come her way.
It is known that the actor has signed a movie for Stalin, which will be directed by KS Ravikumar.  It is learnt that Trisha has been roped in for the role of female lead.  This has come as a good news for Trisha, who definitely needs a prestigious project in her kitty right now.
Definitely, the her pairing up with Kamal will be much talked-about.  After Akasamantha, she might play yet another performance-oriented role in the film.  As details about the film's subject are yet to be known, the character Trisha is getting to play is obviously under wraps.
As every film in the combination of Kamal and KS has been a comedy, it may be guessed that this one belongs to the genre too.  In such a case, will Trisha get to play a suspecting wife ala Simran?

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Film Industry: AndhraWood Vs TelanganaWood

Well, with so much happening on the political front in our state, directly or indirectly, the people are being forced to think in many directions. The issue of a separate Telangana state and the fight to keep the state of Andhra Pradesh intact seems to be deep and intense.
Meanwhile, thoughts have begun on how it would be if the state was indeed going to be split into two. This would give rise to two new circuits – Andhrawood and Telanganawood. As per KCR, the man who is the sole cause for all this chaos, there are many talented movie makers in Telangana and so lot of movies will be made in this region.
Well, for starters, the industry folks say that he is neither a producer nor does he know an inch about movie making or the budgeting. Anyways, on face value, that shall be taken. While it is not sure if Hyderabad would be made the film capital for Telanganawood, the aspect of considering Vijayawada as the hub for Andhrawood is strong while some suggest Rajahmundry since a lot of shootings take place in those surroundings.
Now, it is also heard that the staunch Telangana seekers have roped in the struggling hero Nitin and have given him a new title ‘Telangana star’. While it is not sure if Nitin has accepted this, members of the industry say that currently he is busy focusing on making his mark at the box office than get into such sensitive and politically dirty issues.
The fact remains that more than 80% of Tollywood comprises of folks from the non- Telangana region so while it won’t take long for Andhrawood to take roots, it will take years for Telanganawood to actually form a film fraternity and at the same time, mobilize the right kind of producers to create a decent budget movie. The other important aspect to be considered here is, what is going to happen to the audience who are the main judges for any film? Given the strong admiration they have for stars, do they have to bow down to the cheap and savage dictums of few greedy politicians and build a wall amidst themselves?
Hypothetically, if all this is looking that complicated, then one can imagine what will happen when a real life situation like this may occur. Who is to be blamed at that point of time when the whole system would run the risk of collapsing and ruining many lives in the stake.
After all, Kostaa or Telangana, everyone is a Telugu speaking and Telugu loving citizen. How can the regional barriers stop their patronage for Telugu films whether they were made by Telangana producers or Coastal ones? That has to be understood by numbskull politicians.

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Cinema Kashtalu: 'Media Trying To Pull Legs Of BIG4'

For the record, the Big 4 of the Telugu industry happens to be Nandamuri Balakrishna, Venkatesh, Nagarjuna and Chiranjeevi. Now, with the current chaos that is on in the state, it is seen that the media has been working real hard on getting out words from these four idols.
This is due to the buzz that two or more among the 4 are likely to shift their bases. What if they did shift? The chances are that many will follow. Well, one of the media people asked Tammareddy the same question and this time, he came up with an answer that was quite convincing.
Tammareddy said “there is no need for anyone to go anywhere and they will stay wherever convenient for them.”
As for the Big 4, it is only Chiru who is currently taking the media queries and answering them. The others are not reachable at all, say the media sources. 

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Will Sameera be back in Tollywood

Sameera had once opined that she looks more apt for Tamil and Telugu films than for North Indian ones.  However, it turned out that her career did not take a fly even after she got to bag films opposite Chiranjeevi and Junior NTR.  She fizzled out later.  Jai Chiranjeeva and Narasimhudu, two of the flops she acted it, did not help her to be seen as a lucky mascot in the sentiment-obsessed industry.

Though she went back to do some roles in Tamil and Hindi, she never seemed to return back here.  It seems, the time has finally come for her to make a grand comeback.  It is in a film opposite the top hero Ravi Teja.

It is known that soon after the release of Shambo Shiva Shambo, the actor will begin shooting for yet another Bellamkonda Suresh movie in January 2010.  The film might have Sameera Reddy as the first female lead and Sneha Ullal playing second fiddle.

Though there has been no official confirmation as yet, it seems that the actress' name is under consideration.  An official announcement is awaited.

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Wet-Nude Of Poonam

She has not been seen much in movies, nor is she a famous celebrity. But still, her name sends shivers down the loins of many men and creates a major tremor in their trousers. A sex goddess in Bollywood, she is none other than Poonam Jhawar. 
The reason for the tsunami she is creating can be understood by one look at this picture. Drenched in water and smeared with mud, Poonam looks like a rustic seductress who is born for only one reason – lust. The flimsy white sleeveless hugging her soft mounds of beauty can drive anyone crazy.
To top it all, Poonam has pressed the orgasm button with her big ‘O’ expression and one would really want to see what is happening below her curvaceous hips which is not seen here. The waters behind must have become boiling hot with Poonam’s presence and the voltage generated from her body would be sufficient to generate big current waves. 

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News about 'Simha'

United Movies' film with Nandamuri Balakrishna in the lead, Simha is currently being canned in Hyderabad in a specially constructed temple set.  The film has Nayanatara, Sneha Ullal and Namitha as female leads.  It is an interesting combination since Balayya is acting with three heroines in one film after a long time.
Boyapati Srinu is directing the movie.  According to Srinu, the body language and dialogue of Balakrishna will be distinct and it will impress upon the audience, especially among the actor's fans to no end.  The director who carved distinct characters for top heroes Venkatesh, in Tulasi, in the past, is sure that his character will be very much liked by the fans.
"The film tells the story of a courageous man.  The traits of the character will be liked by one and all," states Boyapati.  In a temple set specially erected in Hyderabad, the film is being shot with Balakrishna and other key actors.
KR Vijaya, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Aditya Menon and Shravan are playing other roles.  Malayalam actor Sai Kumar is playing an interesting role.  Brahmanandam, Jeeva, Ali and others will be seen in comic roles.
Chakri is composing the music.  Parachuri Kiriti is the producer.

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Where Are Chiranjeevi Fans?

If there is one thing that set megastar Chiranjeevi ahead of the rest of the heroes in Tollywood, it was his strong fan following. There was a time when youth were feeling proud to say they were part of the mega fans association. However, all that seems to have become history now. 
This was the thought that came in many minds when Mega fans went completely missing while TRS activists were attacking the shooting spot of Allu Arjun. It is heard that they are not to be seen at blood bank as well and this was one place which used to be houseful once upon a time.
Many say that Chiru would have had his charisma intact if he did not get into politics and are they are now posing a question if the number of the mega fans has decreased? For now, Chiru has stood up for Samaikya Andhra and how this will shape his political future and his mega fans remains to be seen.

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Governor ND Tiwari ‘SEX’ In Raj Bhavan

Governor ND Tiwari was caught red handed while involving in sexual acts in Raj Bhavan by hiring brothels. ABN Andhra Jyothy Channel has given this exclusive report today much to the astonishment of entire citizens of AP. The photographs taken from spy cameras are shown on channel with censor cuts. The girls were brought from various corners of the country and place them as workers in Raj Bhavan initially. But eventually they will be taken to the bed room of Tiwari. This 85 year old Governor makes those girls aged between 17 and 25 do all nasty things right from massages to ‘BJ’s. This stunning fact has reached people today. Governor’s OSD is also involved in these forcible sexual acts.

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ABN Andhra Jyothy Becomes 'Hero Of E-Media'

ABN Andhra Jyothy News Channel becomes the real hero of Electronic Media today. The encomiums are showering high for the channel from various corners of the state.
The talk of the state is about the guts the channel guys have shown in unleashing the nasty part of Raj Bhavan. It is not an ordinary thing to smoke out the illegal sexual acts of the state’s number-1 citizen with evidences.
Citizens know about Tehelka all these years as the most popular sting operator. Now ABN Andhra Jyothy Channel stands on the top.
Demands are now high to remove Governor from his seat. Anyway he is going to be removed rising to the present requirement with Andhra-Telangana turmoil and the idea to impose Prez-Rule in the state.
But the pity is that no other electronic channel is uttering a word or sentence about this pitiful incident which should be known by every citizen of AP. Almost all channels are worrying that credit goes entirely to ABN channel. The reach of ABN channel is not yet big on par with many prestigious news channels. Despite the High Court’s dictum ‘not to transmit the videos relating to Governor’s sexual acts’ the discussions-part is going on in the same channel. The other channels at least can say ‘A private channel carried a sting operation in Raj Bhavan about the Governor’s illegal sexual acts. High Court ordered the channel not to transit the videos’. This would bring lot of awareness and sensitization among the citizens.

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'Kasko' Review: Old Wine In Old Bottle. Rating : 3/10

Film: Kasko
Rating: 3/10
Vaibhav, Sweta Basu, Pradeep Rawat, Brahmanandam, Chitram Rajesh, Srinivasa Reddy, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Baby Anushkaa, Anant, Chalapathi Rao, Arundhati Aravind etc
Editor: Praveen
Music: Premji
Producer: Bharathi
Story Screenplay Direction: Nageshwar Reddy
Released On: 25th Dec 2009
This is released amidst all chaos of Andhra-Telangana issue. Audiences have come to watch the movie to take a break from political cacophony that has been shaking TV channels from many days. And much to the delight today is Christmas and the T-activists have called off bandh today on this occasion. Let us see how it faired.
Vamsi aka Pawan Kalyan (Vaibhav) comes to Hyderabad on a mission and he happens to meet Mahesh Babu (Brahmanandam) who is there with an operation against goondaism. Vamsi and Mahesh Babu develop tiffs with local goondas like Mallesh, Saleem and Allauddin.
But Vamsi has a flash back that gets revealed slowly. His love interest Krishna Veni (Sweta) works as Radio Jockey in Radio Mirchi and a series of incidents connect him to these goondas.
What are those incidents? What happens at last? That has to be watched on screen.
Vaibhav is ok but still he lacks something. That is originality. Unknowingly he is getting into the influence of Prabhas, Pawan Kalyan and sometimes Chiranjeevi. He needs to improve his dialogue delivery for the kind of mass roles he is playing.
Sweta Basu is good. She became a visual treat for many and she is the only pulling factor to some extent.
Brahmanandam could bring some smiles in the role of Mahesh Babu but still there was lot to improve where director failed.
Others are ok in their shoes. Pradeep Rawat appeared in second half and portrayed villainy up to requirement. Jaya Prakash Reddy brought enough humor. MS Narayana is ok in guest appearance. Arundhati Aravind appeared in a single shot. Chalapathi Rao and others are ok.
Technically, the film failed in music. Except the last song ‘Ammayi peru Krishna veni…’ nothing enticed masses. Production values are good but narration part sounded obsolete.
It’s a film made with an intention to lure masses. Attempt is ok but the content is weak. The age old line is taken and not tried to present it fashionably. Care should have taken in the matter of songs at least. The effort to end the film as non stop entertainer like ‘Ready’ is observed, but things didn’t materialize. More homework would have saved the movie.
The concept with characters Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan is interesting but not convincing enough to express with big laughs.
First half and second half go very predictable. There is nothing that keeps audiences glued to seats once suspense opens in interval.
On a whole, it is a normal treat.
Bottom Line: Don’t carry any expectations if you wish to watch

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Genelia thighs show. genelia cute looks . genelia hot and sexy boobs. genelia thunder thighs show.

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South scope launching Bikini Calendar for New Year !

South Scope – a South Indian Film Magazine recently launched by Allu Sirish, son of Allu Arvind from Geetha Arts seems like got inspiration from Kingfisher swimsuit Calendar and working on a Bikini calendar to launch for the upcoming new year 2010. May be they might name it as South Scope Bikini calendar or South Scope Swimsuit Calendar.
According to sources most of the photo shoot is completed and ready for the release, Seems like Shriya has got finished her Bikini Photo shoot at Chennai beaches and Ileana has finished at Goa. Wait for the awful bikini show of south Indian film actress till mid of December 2009.

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Sridevi's return on the Telugu screen on the anvil?

Junior NTR said in a recent interview that he wishes to work with yesteryear actress Sridevi for a film.  His admiration for the actress is unimaginable.  Finally, it seems that his wish is all set to come true very soon.  If gossip mills are to be believed, the beauty queen in her 40s, is all set to act in NTR's next, to be directed by Meher Ramesh and produced by Ashwini Dutt.
Chances are the actress is mooting to make a comeback with this film.  However, it might turn out to be another rumour after her name was flashed in the gossip circles for Pawan Kalyan's 2003 film Johnny too.
Though Sridevi tried her luck at television by acting in a really forgettable soap, she threw no hints in recent times at returning on the big screen.

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Shedding clothes is no crime: Priyamani

Priyamani is clear about one thing. That is- “One has to be professional when it comes to work.” The actress says she can’t say no when filmmakers ask her to wear skimpy costumes to add glamour to a particular song or scene.
“Acting is my career. I am pursuing it with passion. And I can’t be reluctant to the professional demands of my director. Moreover, there is nothing wrong in wearing a bikini or other skimpy attires, as many of my predecessors have set a trend in it,” she says.
Saying that most actresses ranging from Aishwarya Rai to Bipasha Basu have appeared in a bikini, Priyamani says, “Even yesteryear stars like Saroja Devi and Padmini had acted in contemporary roles.”
The ‘Paruthiveeran’ damsel hopes that ‘Sambo Siva Sambo’, the Telugu remake of Tamil hit ‘Naadodigal’ would be an important film in her career. “The role I am playing has no glamour scenes. But nobody is talking about it,” she says.
Apart from ‘Sambo Siva Sambo’, Priyamani is acting in two other Telugu ventures and one Kannada film. “I am open to offers in Tamil too. But the character should be meaty,” she says.

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Mohan Babu to file case against TRS chief KCR

Hyderabad, Dec 23 (PTI) A day after alleged TRS activists attacked the shooting unit of a movie produced by his firm, noted Telugu actor M Mohan Babu today said he would file a case against K Chandrasekhar Rao for making "inflammatory speeches" against people of Andhra and Rayalaseema regions.
"I am filing a case under Section 153 of Indian Penal Code (wantonly giving provocation with intent to cause riot) against TRS president KCR for his inflammatory speeches," Babu told reporters after meeting Chief Minister K Rosaiah here.
Alleged activists of Telangana Rashtra Samiti had yesterday attacked the film unit of Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures, owned by Mohan Babu, while they were shooting a Telugu movie starring his younger son M Manoj.
Strongly condemning the attack, Mohan Babu said he had supported the movement for a unified Andhra Pradesh as he did not want the state to be split into two.

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'Avatar' Collections Beat 'Ghajini' In India?

The latest mania that has gripped the entire movie buff circuit is the Hollywood flick ‘Avatar’. Not just in the original English version, reports have been arriving that the film has been recording some thumping collections across the box office centers in the state of Andhra Pradesh. 
For the record, the film has collected a whopping Rs 6.75 crores right on the first day of its release and that too, these figures are just for the English version only. The collections of the first week and the first month will scale new records, say the trade pundits from various corners.
The prediction is that ‘Avatar’ will cross the 200 plus crores mark that the Hindi blockbuster ‘Ghajini’ has recorded. Many say that the title has got a strong appeal and it is the wonderful movie expertise that has been drawing a lot of attention from the audience.

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Puri's 'Rajasekhara Reddy' Shelved?

With the sudden and shocking demise of Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, the film couple Jeevitha- Rajasekhar arranged a press meet and emotionally announced a new movie in their home banner. This was titled ‘Rajasekhara Reddy’ and the icing on the cake was, it would be directed by none other than Puri Jagannadh.
However, as per the latest grapevine, the film is likely to be shelved. It is heard that the story team is not keen on it and some feel that with the current issues, the film may not have that kind of mileage. On the other hand, there are those who support the idea of making the film.
They say that it is good to create such a movie and take the example of Paritala Ravi and his ‘Rakta Charitra’. They add that biopics will always be in demand and will have commercial value. So, the final word is, it is better not to shelve it. Let us see what happens….

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Telangana Activists Attacked Allu Arjun's Shooting

Telangana activists have continued their attacks on film shooting even on second day. Yesterday Manchu Manoj was the victim and today it’s Allu Arjun. The shooting of ‘Varudu’ was going on at RFC and a group of TRS and ABVP activists have come all of a sudden and damaged the lights and camera. The crew has run away from the place with fear. This has happened followed by the Chiranjeevi’s pro-samaikyandhra statement given freshly yesterday.

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Posani Brings 'Mental' For Sakshi Swapna

The apt title given for Posani Krishnamurali by many in Tollywood is ‘Mental Krishna’. Posani came with a film having the same title and it was the torturous effect that motivated many to give that name to him. Now, Posani has proved that he can do the same in real life as well.
The victim was none other than Sakshi Swapna and it was a fresh morning yesterday when Posani was invited to speak over the ongoing political crisis. Swapna was nonplussed since she was not sure which answer Posani was giving to which question. Even the viewers were in the same situation.
Many said that Swapna will quit this job if Posani was there for some more time and pitied the other person. He was staring blankly since Posani did not give him a chance to say a word. Overall, it was a ‘mental’ experience for Swapna and everyone right at the breakfast time.

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Chiranjeevi's Warning For KCR

Chiranjeevi has raised his voice with higher tone. He verbally attacked KCR today and challenged that he will tour in Telangana districts with Samaikyandhra Slogan.

“I will tour in Telangana area for SamikyaAndhra whatever be the consequences I face. Hyderabad is for everyone. None can own it exclusively. Attacking film shootings is demeaning. We will give fitting answer for such deeds. KCR! Hold your tongue”, warned Chiranjeevi followed by attack on the shooting of Manchu Manoj’s film.
“People are now happy to see real Mega Star. This is what we wanted all these days”, said a Samaikyandhra Activist listening to Chiru’s statement.
Telangana activists as usual said that they would ban Chiru’s films.

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Media going overboard on Kat

The media is going gaga over Katrina Kaif now-a-days, a famous films magazine has gone to the extent of claiming that she is number one in acting and beauty. Now this is ridiculous, Katrina Kaif may be number one heroine in looks but definitely not in acting.

The actress has not been nominated for even one Filmfare award and so how can the film critics even claim that she is number one in acting? In reality it is Priyanka Chopra who can walk away with the honors for acting. Priyanka is surely Numero Uno as far as acting goes.
Katrina is doing a Prakash Jha film called Rajneethi, if she indeed does a good job here she can claim to be an actress to reckon with.

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Deepika and Siddhartha in Love?

Deepika Padukone and Siddhartha Mallya get candid during the launch of Kingfisher Swimsuit calender in Mumbai on December 20, 2009. Deepika looks happy and gay in Siddhartha's company..Seems the break-up sobs have taken a back seat and Deepika is all set to move on!

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YS Jagan As Chief Minister Will Solve Problem?

YS Jagan should be made Chief Minister to solve this Andhra-Telangana turmoil. Right now, Rosiah has got the tag of weakest CM and hence everybody is doing public nuisance in the name of bandhs, rastarokos, hunger strikes etc.

If YS Jagan is made CM, first the Seemandhra will calm down with the confidence that he would toe down Telanagana movement with the political back up and money he has. And his desire is to become CM for Samaikyaandhra but not the divided state.

On the other hand, KCR and his TRS will be in assumption that this young leader can do nothing for their movement and continue agitations as usual looking at High Command as ‘chakora pakshi’.

As an adage says ‘rendu chetulu kodithene chappatlu’, since there wouldn’t be agitations from Seemandhra people, the sound of TRS agitation will be muted. The state will be serene and silent. And YS Jagan will anyway know how to silence TRS movement.

So announcing YS Jagan as CM to AP will be best option for High Command than announcing anything of the split or united state.

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Mamtha's no to SRK

Mamtha Mohandas is getting notorious for rejecting film. She has now rejected a film opposite the mighty SRK. This film was to be directed by Farha Khan and is tentatively titled Happy New Year.

The reason for Mamtha’s rejection is that there are two more heroines in the film and she would be the third heroine. That means playing second fiddle (in effect third fiddle) and Mamtha does not want to be relegated to such levels in her Bollywood debut.
Mamtha also confesses that she is feeling bad that she has said to SRK, but she is making a short time loss for a long term gain!

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What’s 'Khatta-Metta' all about?

Priyadarshan, whose Prakash Raj-starrer Tamil movie Kancheevaram has won the National Award this year, is back to business in Bollywood.  He is making a film titled Katta-Metta in which Tollywood's girl Trisha is pairing with action star Akshay Kumar.
This one is a story based on the gruesome murder of an engineer named Yogendra Pandey in Bihar some years ago, which is alleged to have been conspired by a municipal contractor.  It is learnt that Katta-Metta uses this as the backdrop, though it is largely based on Priyan's film Vellanakalude Naadu.

With this film, Trisha will be launched in the Hindi film industry.  Asin, who has already got two big films (Ghajini and now London Dreams) in her kitty and Genelia who had Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, must be her inspiration.
Moreover, it is Priyan's script that reportedly made Trisha give her nod.  Whatever, if this political satire become a BO hit, nothing can stop the actress.

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Kareena to marry Saif

Kareena and Saif are a pair, this is something we all know. The big question was when they will become husband and wife. Given that Kareena has at least 5-6 years as a leading lady she may not be willing to marry yet.

On the other hand Saif is fast approaching forty years and so he may be in a hurry to get married. Given this scenario the whole waited for the day about their marriage. Interestingly the announcement of the marriage has been left to Sharmila Tagore, Saif’s mother. The lady has recently announced that Kareena and Saif would marry soon and the date would be announced.
Kareena has not expressed anything on this issue but she would apparently keep acting after her marriage also.

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Mahesh babu shows attitude

The press is angry on Mahesh babu once again. Apparently the actor had gone to the theaters to watch the movie Avatar and the press had spotted him there, but when they wanted to take his pictures the actor staunchly opposed.

Mahesh babu also blackmailed the press saying that he would leave the theater if his pictures were taken. The press obliged and let him go. But many were unhappy with the actor’s attitude.
The fact remains that Mahesh babu has never taken to the press, especially the shutterbugs. He always has been at loggerheads with them.

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Trisha the traveller

Trisha could soon pen a travelogue, for the actress has been trotting the globe of late. And even when she is in India, she is hopping between Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai, to honour her professional commitments.
Coming week, the actress will be attending functions in Hyderabad and London, besides taking part in the shoot her Hindi debut 'Khatta Meetha' in Mumbai and spending some time with her mom and friends in Chennai.
The music launch of 'Namo Venkatesa', starring Trisha opposite Venkatesh, is scheduled to take place in Hyderabad on December 18. On the same night, she will leave for London for the audio launch of 'Vinnaithandi Varuvaya'.
Despite the hectic schedule, the petite actress is happy about something. "I am eagerly looking forward to meet A R Rahman during 'Vinnaithandi Varuvaya' audio launch. I am a diehard fan of him. He is my all-time favourite and I grew up listening to his songs."

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