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Married Heroine Smoking

Smoking and women are considered two entirely opposite things in our Indian society but then, thanks to feminism and equality mania, women are now competing with men in every aspect, that includes the field of smoking as well. Here is one beauty who seems to have taken an extra step on that.
She is none other than Amrita Arora, the Bollywood bombshell whose recent bikini show resolved the erection problems of many men. Here she is making another bold move and is puffing away to glory. Truth is, Amrita is now married and sporting a rather ravishing outfit along with a cigarette sounds quite rebellious.
Though Amrita’s photos are quite few in number, she ensures that she makes up for the quantity through good quality. Crossing her legs and showing her slit, Amrita is surely pouring ‘Amritham’ over the heads of men who would love to have a lady like this for company.