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Sania's wedding dress ready

It seems Sania Mirza has started planning for her wedding with former Pakistan cricket captain Shoaib Malik inspite of the controversy following their engagement. The news is doing the rounds that Sania is ready with her wedding dress.
She has roped in designer brothers Shantanu and Nikhil to design her bridal dress and reception outfit. The designer duo admitted that they would take care of Sania's wedding dress but refused to talk more about it.

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India's number one sexy woman tennis player Sania Mirza knows how to beaten opponents. There are news spreading that sexy sania beaten Kismat Konnection actress Vidhya Balan in the game of love with actor Shahid Kapoor. It is said that sexy sania is the cause of the break up of actor Sahid Kapoor and actress Vidhya Balan.There were lots of talks about Sahid and Vidya Balan's close relationship during the shooting of Kismat Konnection film. Now the film has been released and not doing too much in the box office and the pair seems to have drifted ways. Sania Mirza's closeness to Shahid Kapoor is the main reason behind it, if we belive the media stories. It is reported that Shahid and Vihya stopped talking to each other too.
Sania Mirza is famous on the net due to her hot pictures. People are crazy in searching for hot pictures of sania mirza. Tennis action pictures are very hot and especially of sania mirza's. See some of the hot pictures of sexy Sania Mirza here.
Sania who had a disappointing year (2007), dedicated the Asian Games medals to her parents — Imran Mirza and Naseema. "I know what it means to be a loser. No one goes out there to lose. Any sportsperson will try to play at his or her best. It would be unfair for me to comment on the performances of my fellow sportspersons in the Asian Games," Sania Mirza said in a interview with Hindu.

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Sania Mirza :Sania Mirza on Sunday afternoon made a brief press meet at her residence and cleared out the rumors that she is acting in a film which is going to be the debut film for Nagarjuna’s son.
She also brushed aside the rumors that Yuvasamrat has approached her with an acting offer and said that no such thing had happened and these al are fake rumors.

When asked about, whether she is interested in acting, Sania agreed that if any big banner approaches her and if at all it has a big star like Nagarjuna or Chiranjeevi, she is ready to make her debut. It is already a fact that she admitted that she is a die hard fan of Nagarjuna in Telugu film industry.
Sania Mirza is already a pin up girl in most of the young people bedrooms. Her juicy bosom and hot thighs make her male fans drooling over her and her iconic status makes her even raunchier.
So to all the producers and directors a Muslim beauty is willing to act and hurry up guys, to get hold of this beauty.

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Hot SANIA mirza in a sizzling dress with her cleavage out ...

Sania Mirza who seems to have a soft corner for actors (Akshay Kumar, Shahid Kapur) is now very friendly with Telugu actor Navdeep Pallapolu.
He’s supposed to be pretty hot in Hyderabad, her city and from what our source tells, he was involved in a controversy some years ago.
His heroine Ankitha had consumed sleeping pills during a shoot with Navdeep in Mauritius. He had used some nasty lingo which she didn’t like.. but of course Navdeep said that was just not in his upbringing and his side of the story hadn’t been heard.
Must hear when I go over to Hyderabad pearl shopping.
Sania likes this kiddo, according to our super sources. Whatever happened to Shahid Kapur?

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Sania Mirza boobs revealing in a stunning red dress at a party... very hot


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