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Shocking Nude Still Without Bikini

She is the other name for bikini goddess and her usual dress is nothing but bra and bikini. But now, she seems to have gone tired of the bikini as well and has not been wearing it. She is none other than Sherlyn Chopra and here she is, sporting a rather ragged piece of cloth to cover her assets for formality. What catches the attention is her tiny piece of cloth that is covering her holy spot and she has lust filled in her eyes while she spreads her silky thighs and slides on the beach. No one can beat the sharing qualities of Sherlyn and many are calling her the nude goddess now.

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Sherlyn Chopra goes nude

Wearing a two piece bikini and smooching co-stars onscreen can take a back seat for posing nude is going to be the next bold thing to do in B town!
It may not be the ‘IT’ thing to do in Hollywood for even their A grade stars don’t mind doing the strip tease for magazine covers or films. However, setting the trend in India is none other than Sherlyn Chopra who was last seen in Yash Raj’s film ‘Dil Bole Hadippa’.
Sherlyn is extremely popular on the web and has been voted as the ‘most downloaded’ celeb a couple of times owing to her sexy body and oomph. The actress now seems to retain her numero uno position on the web too and thus has posted the new bold pic.
Guess Hugh Hefner has already taken notice and has thus made an offer to Sherlyn to pose for his famous ‘Playboy’ cover. Surprisingly we couldn’t believe it when we saw a younger Sherlyn...that is Sherlyn before she became the bold babe of Bollywood. (Watch the above inset pic to believe us!)
We wonder who’s going to follow suit!
Courtesy: IndiaTimes

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Sexy Bikini Bomb Gets Naked

Finally, she seems to have done it. Yes, the babe who is said to have been born before bikini was in the news recently for her Playboy stint. We are talking about Sherlyn Chopra and whether the Playboy assignment is happening or not, here she is showing her assets without a hitch. Sherlyn is in her birthday suit and those who have seen it feel like they have now reached the doorstep of heaven. With absolutely nothing on her, Sherlyn has given a glimpse of her silky smooth body with the curves at the right place. Perhaps she might have set a new record and created a new chapter in the nudity of actresses.

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Actress Stands In Hot 'Topless'

She is Mona Chopra who has been discovering new ways of wooing the senses of men. She has been the Viagra of sorts for many and she is well known with her bikini poses. But freshly she posed this way in topless. She covered her blossoms with her silky hair and there is nothing else on her top. It’s artistically erotic pose indeed.