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Deepika is a cover girl

Deepika Padukone has once again proved she is the sexiest actress in town. No wonder she is on the cover of Maxim's 50 th issue. The lissome lass, whose film Karthik Calling Karthik releases on February 26, looks really hot on the cover of the magazine, which has already hit the stands. Of course, there is more to Deepika than her looks. In the issue, the actress discusses how she has always been eyed by men even before she became a model. She also talks about her dream date and her favourite movies.

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Bunny and Tammana's sexy pose

The Badrinath pair got featured on the cover page of South Scope Magazine February edition. The shooting of the movie which will be directed by VV Vinayak will start sometime in March. The sexy pose of the lead pair on the cover page of South Scope magazine is already creating lot of interest among the film circles about the movie. Will the milk white beauty who is already ruling Kollywood strike gold with Allu Arjun in Badrinath has to be watched.

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Sexy Shriya Saran Bareback Hot Picture on South Scope

Sexy glam-doll Shriya is undoubtedly the most sensuous babe in the southern circuit. She is all set to woo the entire South India with her bare back. Shriya will be seen on the cover page of Allu Sireesh's South Scope magazine for January 2010. Titled "Sensuous Shriya bares her soul" her sexy looks are set to steal the hearts of the youth. This picture of Shriya happens to be her hottest cover page since her Maxim magazine photoshoot.

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Spicy Amrita Rao sizzles on FHM cover

Amrita is all sizzles on the cover of the latest edition of FHM magazine. This is one issue, which as they say, is 'for the keeps'. The 'history' of her story is totally inspiring. Looking back, this cool as cucumber says, "Once, I was passing by R. K. Studios as a kid. We were just crossing the gate of the studios and I thought to myself, one day, I am going to pass through that gate, and no one is going to stop me." She also adds "Whichever audition I walked in; I came out getting the assignment. I am sure that there were other models prettier than me, sexier and more attractive than me... but I got the assignments." Last, but not the least, this PYT turns the heat on the Indian men by saying, "When an Indian man is fond of a girl, the first thing that he wants to do is to cover her up (with clothes)."

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Neha Dhupia looks smokin' hot on Maxim cover

One wonders if her surname has got anything to do with the 'Heat' factor that this lady exudes. For starters, 'Dhoop' in Hindi, means Heat. And with a name like Neha Dhoopia... we mean Dhupia, what more can we say! Seconding our thoughts is the latest edition of the men's magazine Maxim, where Neha raises the winter temperature with her cover shoot for the mag.
In this issue, Neha talks about her transition from being a beauty queen to an actress, the secret behind her smoking hot looks, her secret hot fantasy, tips to impress her and the connect between armed forces and beautiful faces! If that wasn't enough, this hottie also talks (read 'confesses') about what's the most she's done to keep a guy guessing...

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Soha ali khan hottest still for maxim coverpage.. soha ali khan tight boobs behind black bra.. soha ali khan cleavage show.. sexy soha hot image..

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Sex siren jiah khan hot photo for maxim magazine.. jiah khan very hot image.. jiah khan boobs show.. hot jiah cleavage curve visible..

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Sexy Katrina kaif bare back show.. hot katrina still of removing her skirt and showing her nude back.. spicy bollywood actress katrina kaif amazing p

I won't get provoked by marriage rumours: Katrina Kaif

Mumbai, Feb 3 (IANS) After spending six years in Bollywood, British-born actress Katrina Kaif has learnt to handle rumours and criticisms. While she rubbished reports of her marriage to Salman Khan, she also denied speculation about her sister Isabel entering the Hindi film industry soon.

'It's complete rubbish and the paper (Saamna) is denying it. When I marry, the world will know. Right now I've no such plans,' Katrina told IANS.

Commenting on speculation about her relationship with Salman, she said: 'That's bound to happen. If you're a public figure and if neither of the party is clarifying anything, there's bound to be a lot of speculation and unnecessary comment. But I'm not going to get provoked into giving explanations. Because once they start, they never end.'

Asked about a picture that showed her entering her birthday party last year, Katrina said: 'That wasn't when I entered the party. The picture was taken while we were leaving. I was tired and, yes, I was disappointed. I didn't want it to be turned into tamasha (drama).'

Salman and Shah Rukh Khan had a war of words at the birthday bash that was widely reported in the media.

Talking about her sister Isabel's Bollywood plans, Katrina said: 'That was something completely blown out of proportion. At the moment she's too young to take up an acting career. In fact, my sister is off to drama school. Something I never got to do, and I wish I had. Not being a trained actress bothers me and I'm happy that my sister is taking that route.

'I realise I can't be talked about only for my work. You can't have things exactly the way you want them to be.'

Although Salman and Katrina are a real life couple, they have not been able to form a saleable pair on screen. Katrina had hoped 'Yuvvraaj' would work so that she and Salman would be a saleable pair and filmmakers would sign her with Salman as eagerly as they do with Akshay Kumar.

But the film sank without a trace at the box office. Apparently, a major drawback was that director Subhash Ghai kept writing the script as the film progressed.

'I'd like to stick to a bound script from now on. The time has come for the entire film industry to get completely organised. A script helps both the director and the actor to connect with each other and with the plot. I'm not going to be shy about insisting on a script,' the actress said.

Katrian admitted she had very little space in 'Yuvvraaj'. 'Yeah, that was something I grew gradually aware of. I didn't have that much to do. But that's okay.'

However, not attending acting school doesn't make Katrina feel inadequate as an actress.

'I think I had to undertake my own journey and do things my own way. I learnt on the job. I think I've acquired knowledge of the camera on-camera. So no regrets about not attending any acting school. If I had regrets about any aspect of my career, I'd be the most ungrateful person on the planet. Look at the level of acceptance I've received in so little time. Some people don't get this kind of success after working all their lives,' she said.

The 24-year-old ventured into Bollywood in 2003 and was instantly written off because of her strong British accent. But after five years of hard work and determination, she is one of the most sought after actresses in the film world.

After the failure of 'Yuvvraaj', Katrina is no longer considered a lucky mascot for a film, but she is nonchalant about it.

'I think that's just people talking a lot of nonsense. Actors far more intelligent and talented than me have had to deal with ups and downs. Sooner or later I'd have had to deal with failure. No point brooding about it. I've learnt my lessons from the 'Yuvvraaj' experience,' said Katrina.

Between 2007 and 2008 Katrina delivered six back-to-back hits - 'Namastey London', 'Apne', 'Partner', 'Welcome', 'Race' and 'Singh Is Kinng'.