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'Ride' Heroine's Beer Effect

The film ‘Ride’ was a super hit and it made a special impact since it was one of the lesser known ventures that made big at the box office. The film also gave a good mileage for the leading ladies and one among them happens to be the baby faced beauty Aksha.
However, she seems to be neglecting her figure if talks are to be believed. Recently, Aksha was present at the ‘Sadhyam’ audio function and those who saw her said that she has put on a lot of weight. They added that her thighs, hips, bosom, face looked quite bulged.
Some were heard saying that Aksha seems to be having a lot of beer and is not into exercise which may have been the cause for her bloated figure. However, she still seems to have that sparkle on her face so if Aksha is reading this, then she better hit the gym and get things in shape.

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Hot bubbly telugu actress aksha thighs expose.. sexy aksha looking hot in her latest movie RIDE.. Aksha panty visible.. spicy photo of hot AKSHA..


Aksha who debuted the telugu film industry with Yuvatha is once again set to please the telugu audience with RIDE. In Yuvatha the young actress appeared in homely looks while in the recent audio function of Ride, she is appearing more spicy. In fact many say that she dominated KBL fame swetha prasad with her attire and looks. She is trying to change herself to look hot so that she can get more offers from Telugu producers. Hope RIDE does well and aksha gets some good offers from producers. Below is the one more spicy photo of Aksha in recent RIDE audio function